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Ant Farm Modeling Assignment Promo Code

There are a few ways to use Coupons/ Vouchers, Ant certificates from Uncle Milton and Fascinations Ant farms.

1.  If your Ant farm came with a certificate click on this link ans see how to apply this during checkout and get the voucher or coupon code to work.  This page only shows pictures of how to do it and you will be able to use your voucher during checkout.


Do you need a ant farm coupon for live ants?  Well look to the green bark on the left of this page and follow those steps and we can help you on out.

After becoming our friend on facebook shoot us message via the facebook messaging system asking us if we have any codes/vouchers/coupon this week.  If so we will send you one.  If we do not have any we will not send any follow up as we get many messages each day.

These discounted or Free ant vouchers will need to be added to the voucher section during checkout.

Still having problems click Chat M-f 8-3.



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