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Daag Acche Hain Essay

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The recent Surf Excel commercial featuring a teacher and her student is similar to its predecessors and tows the same line that one need not stop living life to the fullest fearing dirt and grime on clothes; in short –”Daag Achche Hain“.

Take a stroll down memory lane and you could recollect countless detergent commercials which showcased unhappy housewives toiling hard with grime on clothes. And then would come the detergent brand bringing happiness along with it by removing all the dirt in a flash!

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This line of thought was shunned with a radical and new course by Surf Commercials that clothes are bound to get dirty but that should not hamper living life the way one should i.e. to the fullest!

The recent new commercial of Surf Excel portrays the efforts undertaken by a student to help his teacher get over the grief over the loss of her pet. It also brings out the respect and care that the student has for his teacher.

The story line shows that the teacher is very upset as her dog passed away and doesn’t come to school. So her student tries to pacify her and bring a smile on her face by mimicking a dog’s gestures. He gives a ball in the teacher’s hand and asks her to throw the ball so that he could go and fetch it just like her pet ! Ignoring his dress which is all white, he goes around in the muddy garden to fetch the ball and gives it to his teacher and she plays with him just as she did with her dog. In the process, he makes his dress dirty, just to bring a smile in his teacher’s face!

The commercial is short and well shot and executed. It somewhere also brings the emotional connect between a teacher and her student and their ability to share the joy and sorrows with each other. The innocence of kids is shown well in the advertisement which also highlights the thought process of children that transcends materialistic aspects like dirt and grime on clothes hindering their daily activities.

Surf Excel’s two recent commercials are focusing on the aspect that stains are good and that children are bound to make their dress dirty. So living life with dirt without fearing it!

A famous quote by Charles Gordy –

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks

The following are the Surf Excel commercial advertisements:

Surf Exel – Daag Acche Hai:

Surf Excel ‘Dog Boy’:

Watch More Videos of Surf Excel Commercial Advertisements


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