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  • Stupid stupid stupid

    DESIGNER BRANDS ARE STUPID MAGIC. Plus, It's NOT worth the money. You pay all this money just for a stupid label? The point of clothing is to cover us up. Not turn us into a walking advertisement. If that's what these brands wanted, they'd give us the clothes for free.

  • Designer and Not

    I just think that as long as I have been to a couple of shops to compare the clothing I want to buy and the one in the designer shop... Say hollister turns out to be better then ill buy it but in the end if I get the same thing for way less then I won't mind it not being designer....

  • Quality not Brand

    I think there's a difference between buying a well-made, quality product and buying a cheaper-feeling one *but* that has a desirable name on it.
    Maybe I'm just getting old but if I buy a t-shirt I want it to last fifty to a hundred washes *at least* before being ready to use as a car rag. I've bought some branded items that lasted months, and some that lasted years. Name itself isn't a sign of quality any more ... You have to judge quality by touch, handling, cut, etc, and that doesn't always mean 'designer' is best. We should look for quality not just a logo.

  • Designer clothing does not always mean superior quality.

    The price points of a lot of designer clothes are just ludicrous. A lot of the t-shirts for example are flimsy and see-through yet cost ten times (if not a lot more) the cost of a regular t-shirt. The finish is not always superior and I find that true value can be found in mid-range labels such as Jack & Jones Premium Range. Definitely look at your moral values in relation to why you want designer clothes. They make me think of vulgar, ostentatious people. Money doesn't equal class.

  • I don't like

    Why do we need designer clothing when we have walmart/target/ross, its just plain stupid and we can get them much cheaper with the same quality and material but just different brands. Why not buy something cheaper, we are being conned to buy items for double / triple / ten times their prices!

  • Even Boxer shorts?

    Many people even decide to buy say Calvin Klein boxer shorts, is it really necessary even if nobody will see the name tag. Also with shoes does it really make an impression on somebody if you wear Gucci shoes or Next ones to be honest 80% of people probably can't tell the difference.

  • No it is not worth the money

    Designer clothing is really just a scam. You are paying for clothes by name. This means you are not paying by quality. If I have a t shirt from a designer or a t shirt from a no name company and they are of equal quality why do I want to pay for just a name? It is a waste of money.

  • I'm in the middle again

    Um, from a style view point, no. I see in magazines all the time where you can "Get the look for cheaper!" and the model looks as good, if not better than the girl in the $500 dress. Designers work hard and have to use expensive materials which does make it worth the money QUALITY wise. But if you just want to look clean and stylish you can do that at TJ Maxx or Shoppers World anyday. I must say though, designer jeans last much longer than Kmart jeans. That's why I'm in the middle.

  • Its a question of values.

    Every purchase you make on some level makes a statement about yourself whether you are aware of it or not. That statement could simply be that you are unaware of that statement. It is best that we become extremely aware of our purchases and their implications and the values they reflect.

    When you purchase designer clothing you are making a statement about consumerism, about trends, about superiority and exclusivity and wealth. If those are your values then perhaps you should reevaluate your relation to the world.

    Likewise, buying at walmart, you are making a statement. That you value saving money, that you dont value where your clothing was made or who made it. My values are not on meeting the newest passing trend put forth by designers, or on saving money at all cost. It is on getting good timeless clothing that lasts and came from respectable origins and was priced reasonably. So no, I don't think it is worth your money.

  • Considering the factors

    Who is profiting and is it worth it? Alot of brand names use sweat shops so you know its not going to the people that worked hard to make the garments. Is it good quality? I know I have bought brand name jeans that have went out on me after 2 months. These jeans would cost me 90 dollars when I could get a better pair for 30. So is it worth it? Not so much.

  • Today’s post about whether expensive clothes are worth it is from my awesome staff writer Jordann. Are expensive clothes worth it? You'll learn about the difference between cheap and expensive clothes. Are expensive clothes worth it? Enjoy!

    Like lots of people, I love clothing. I'm not a clothes horse per say, after all, I tend to have a minimalist wardrobe, but I definitely appreciate a piece of well crafted clothing that fits properly, is well made, and priced right.

    I'm pretty careful about what I buy these days. Back when I was a starving student I would only buy the cheapest clothing.

    I didn't have a lot of money to spend and I just couldn't justify dropping a huge portion of my piddly clothing budget on a single expensive piece of clothing with a credit card. The downside of this strategy was that my clothes didn't last long before they shrunk, got holes, or were otherwise compromised.

    Since I didn't have much money to spend on clothing, I was usually very sad when something I bought only before fell apart, even if it WAS only $5.

    Then, after I graduated from university and got my first real job, I found the wonderful world of brand name clothing. I did a complete 180 on my clothing philosophy.

    I still wasn't buying much for clothing, since I had a ton of debt to pay down, but now I was only buying expensive clothes that I thought were much higher quality and much more suited to a recent graduate. Of course, once I fully grasped the magnitude of how much debt I was in, that spending habit stopped.

    So, is buying expensive clothing worth it? I've had the chance to buy both bottom of the barrel clothing and reasonably high quality clothing, and the two are very different.

    The verdict? Sometimes.

    Not the definitive answer you were looking for right? Unfortunately, that's the truth. Sometimes it's worth it to spend the extra money on well made clothing, and sometimes it's just not. Here are my top instances where buying expensive clothing is worth it, and when it's not:


    Technical Clothing

    I'm running a half marathon this Spring. To prepare for this, I've been running a lot. In fact, some of my runs are over two hours in duration. For these situations, I need high quality performance gear.

    I’ve run in the expensive Lululemon gear and the cheaper alternatives, and the expensive gear performs better every time. It’s worth it to get quality gear from REI rather than relying on cheap gear. While this might not make a huge difference for the weekend runner, for me it's the difference between making it through a run unscathed or making it through with blisters the size of quarters.


    Timeless Pieces

    No, your Uggs don't count. I'm not talking flash in the pan fashions that'll be gone in a few years, I'm talking a simple grey winter coat that'll stay in style and last for years. I'm talking about black dress pants or a suit.

    These things will still be perfectly acceptable to wear in several years, so paying for a quality item that won't fall apart is worth it.



    Personally, I don't spend a ton of money on accessories. My reasoning for this is that I can easily update my wardrobe by purchasing a few accessories every year that are in style. Since those styles are apt to change in a few years, spending a huge wad of cash on those items wouldn't really be worth it.


    Rarely Worn Items

    I've definitely spent more than a few minutes drooling over a party dress or bathing suit. The truth is though, when it comes to clothing I'm rarely going to wear, I don't like to spend a lot of money on it.

    My $15 bathing suit is three years old and looks brand new because I wear it about three times a year. An expensive one wouldn't look much better at this point.

    The same goes for that party dress, which, since I'm so frugal, wouldn't be worn any more often than the bathing suit. For clothing that I don't often wear, I tend to go for the more economical purchases.

    When it comes to buying clothing, everyone is different. Some people might think I'm crazy to even be considering buying expensive clothes, while others are drawn to brand names like a magpie.

    I try to balance spending as little as possible with buying enough quality items that I don't have to head back to the store every month to replace clothing that's no longer wearable. To me, that's a good balance between frugality and fashion.

    Are expensive clothes worth it to you? Do you swear by brand name items or do you shop exclusively at thrift stores?


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