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Andrew Buckton Head Teacher Personal Statement



It is only when you see a complete set of Saothar, which first appeared on May Day 1975, sitting on a library shelf that you appreciate what an achievement for the Irish Labour History Society (ILHS) the journal is. This is remarkable given the almost total absence of any academic base for the subject in 1975. It is even more remarkable when the continuing narrowness - perhaps even the narrowing - of that base is considered. These days, following the ‘collapse of socialism’ and ‘end of history’, labour history studies are fast disappearing from third level institutions. The strength of the ILHS, and therefore its journal, has never been reliant on academia however. There has been strong support, no strings attached, from the labour movement. This is reflected in the unique image of the journal with its ‘fraternal’ advertisements from trade unions.

Coverage: 1975-2012 (Vol. 1, No. 1 - Vol. 37)

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ISSN: 03321169

Subjects: Business & Economics, History, Irish Studies, History, Area Studies, Labor & Employment Relations

Collections: Arts & Sciences XII Collection, Business & Economics Collection

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am proud to be the Headteacher of Buckton Vale Primary School. A thriving, caring and stimulating environment, where children work hard to become well rounded citizens of the future. Buckton Vale is a school where all children are valued and staff work hard to help every child reach their full potential. The school’s positive discipline policy and values form our school ethos. Our values include Aspiring to Achieve, Believe, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Happiness.

All members of staff are committed to providing and supporting a broad, balanced and relevant education for all the children and seek to build the self-esteem of all children through a policy of equal opportunity. Our curriculum is shaped to meet the needs of our children and is regularly reviewed and adapted. All staff work hard to ensure that relationships throughout the school are based on mutual trust and respect; as the school strongly believes that it is through secure relationships that the children respond with positive attitudes.

We are proud of our Friends of Buckton Vale group and attempt to improve this regularly as part of our dedication to the Leading Parent Partnership Award. (LPPA) Parents are encouraged to take part in their children's education through carefully considered homework tasks and projects as well as regular enrichment opportunities.

The governing body is very supportive of the school and works in close partnership with the school philosophy, that all children have a right to succeed and that all children have a right to an excellent education.

We welcome children, their parents and carers into a friendly, happy and hardworking environment where respect for others, positive attitudes towards work and behaviour are encouraged and nurtured.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs D Brown


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