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Wesley Chapel High School Twitter Assignment

WESLEY CHAPEL — One of the most aggressive cornerbacks in the state went to school Monday in purple onesie pajamas with flecked Eeyore faces, lavender snowflakes and pink hearts.

While most of his teammates wore plaid PJs or athletic sweatpants, Isaiah Bolden, 17, stuck out — just like he usually does on Friday nights for Wesley Chapel.

"I like to be an outcast," he said. "I just want to be different. I feel like being different is a swagger."

How much more different can he be? He's a 6-foot-2, 175-pound four-star cornerback with a 4.5 second 40-yard dash. He's the 91st-ranked player in the class of 2018, according to 247Sports. He has committed to Florida State. He's already far more different than most of his teammates and classmates.

Coach Anthony Egan assigns him to shut down the opponent's best receiver. He basically erases that entire side of the field. Bolden gives opposing coaches headaches when he's on defense, and he gives them heart attacks when he's on the field as an offensive threat.

Earlier this season, Bolden fielded a punt on the right hash mark at the 5-yard line. He ran left, all the way toward his sideline, then cut back and ran across the field to right side, then sprinted down the right sideline for a 95-yard touchdown.

"He probably ran 150 yards for a 95-yard return," Egan said.

He's a cornerback who's also a threat as a returner, which is similar to his idol: Deion Sanders. Sanders went to Florida State. He was a shutdown corner and a feared returner in the NFL. That's who Bolden mimics his play after. There's also the personality, Sanders was known for his trash talking.

"It's a swagger I feel all corners should have," Bolden said.

When Bolden finds out who he's matching up with, he will look up that receiver on Twitter and search his timeline for ammo he can use in the game.

Once a receiver sent Bolden a direct message, trying to intimidate him. Bolden just ignored him — until game time. On the first play, the receiver tried running his route, and Bolden threw him out of bounds after 1 yard.

"Welcome to the big leagues," Bolden told him, because the shove wasn't emphatic enough.

But when it comes to the big leagues, Bolden still has a long way to go. And he should know, since his father, Juran Bolden, 42, was a cornerback in the NFL.

Juran, a Hillsborough High alum, played for Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Carolina, Kansas City, Jacksonville and Atlanta. He played against Sanders. Isaiah had always been an offensive player, but during his sophomore year at Bartram Trail in Jacksonville, he couldn't learn the plays, so his coaches moved him to corner.

"He's more explosive in my eyes on the offensive end," his dad said. "But knowing he's that position, I'm excited because he's following in his dad's footsteps."

His dad offers criticism and advice that other coaches can't because he actually played the position at the elite level. And what's scary is Isaiah still has another year of high school and more room to improve.

"I tell him daily that he will be better than me," Juran said. "It's a blessing to see my seed has that skill."

But for now, his focus is beating Hudson on Saturday morning and maintaining the Wildcats' undefeated record. If you see him play, you'll see him jawing, you'll see him pressing and playing and laughing. That's what he does.

That's his swag.

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