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Do you know what is meant by “pop culture”? This term became a mainstream during 1980’s. Before that period people used the word “popular” to describe something that was best (like books) or something that belonged to the top (like top music list).

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While figuring out what pop culture is, it is important to look at the word “popular” that will help someone to find answer. The word “popular” comes from Latin word “populus” which means “people”.

One should understand that pop culture is not an obscure matter. Pop culture involves all that is vital, outstanding, and thrilling in a certain period. Popular culture is something that is most important for average people, their everyday life. This is the union of thoughts, images, attitudes, and ideas that most people prefer. It is intended to someone’s taste and understanding rather being tied to intellectual aspects.

The word “popular” describes a type of culture. Culture is a term that is used in all sorts of different studies: anthropology, sociology, history. It is the way that people are grouped together based on their common behavior, believes, and ideas.

Often a person’s culture is determined by the geographical region, social status, and nurture. Notice that culture can be broken into smaller groups that are connected by social lives and outlook on the world.

Categories of Culture

A person may divide culture into three categories: high, middle, and law. For better understanding we have put examples of these levels. High culture: Mozart, Bach, Emily Dickenson, Shakespeare, art galleries, opera. Middle culture: the Beatles, Harry Potter, CNN, jazz, baseball. Law culture: tabloids, pornography, fart jokes, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Three culture levels present things that people experience in everyday life. They express not the popularity but the quality of matters. The list of things from high culture is important. They possess an everlasting influence on culture. Although this category is wonderful, few people experience it every day.

The things from middle and law levels are experienced by most people daily. An important thing about these two levels is that their elements do not influence people culturally.

Why Does One Studies Pop Culture?Why It is Important?

Pop culture widened its limit during the end of the 20th century and especially now in the 21st century. The idea of general mass of people shapes pop culture. It influences people and their way of life.

Popular culture controls the way people interact with each other. One’s everyday activity depends on this culture greatly.

The elements that define pop culture are usually lingo, dress style, and the way people welcome. A vital role in advancing this culture plays mass media. It allows comfortable environment to spread the categories of pop culture.

 Each generation of people has its craze which makes everything else to revolve around it. The existence of pop culture is significant. It reflects desires, aspiration, and the mindset of people in present.

It is interesting that formation of horror movies began at the same time with the cinema. The main reason why it happened was the popularity of genre.

Nowadays the most popular fields of modern culture are those that able to involve people in any community, and those that are interesting and entertaining. YouTube, which is a home to all popular culture ideas, Instagram, Twitter belong to the modern categories of pop culture. One can hardly imagine life without smart phone, selfies, and Facebook. These are the elements that indentify culture of the 21st century.

A significant aspect of this century and modern culture is the need to make everything public. People are no longer reserved. They have opened their lives to everybody.

 When a person wants know more about any group of people, he needs to know how they act, what they think, and what things surround them every day. Popular culture reveals values. What people buy, how they entertain themselves, what are people doing in their free time.

Although, the power of pop culture is real and huge, it is diffuse. It means that one even does not notice its effect on his life. Usually it is hidden from someone’s eyes. In “Rethinking Popular Culture and Media” it is written that, “In many ways, popular culture is the Polaroid snapshot or Facebook photo page that documents our lives in the social world; it is a backdrop of day-to-day life. And its power is both diffuse and indisputable.”

Popular culture guides person’s life. Pop culture essays guide one along the route of information. People of all ages are connected with it. Elders watch TV and read magazines, and babies play popular toys. This culture makes people able to express their ideas and life. Everything you want people to know about yourself may be expressed through popular culture.

Most people post their selfies, life events, celebrations on Facebook. They discuss popular issues and express thoughts by using Twitter. It is needless to explain that these features are an integrant part of our life.

One more important thing about essay on popular culture remains. There are six concepts of pop culture: achieved popularity, these are things that are liked by many people; culture of the people, it means nothing else but folk; postmodern culture, this concept does not recognize the difference between high culture and popular culture; not difficult culture, which is TV, radio and comic books; mass commercial culture, it provides people with pop culture; hegemonic struggle, which is the struggle of subordinate group to operate in the interests of main group.

Pop culture is not just movies, TV, and music. It is process that takes place between an audience and culture industry. So, popular culture is the negotiation between creator, audience, and media in this view.

To sum up, there are things that are really popular, and there are things that seem to be popular. Everything changes. In course of time popular things would be changed by new popular things.

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Pop Culture The Effects Of Popular Culture On Modern American Society

Popular Culture PAGE 1

The Affects of Popular Culture on

Modern American Society

Introduction to Popular American Culture

Word Count: 817

The Affects of Popular Culture on Modern American Society

The American way of life revolves around popular culture. The artifacts surrounding them shape the lives and personalities of individuals. The choices people make regarding the things they buy come from commercials they have seen on TV, ads in the newspaper, or something they have seen someone else possess. Advertisers design marketing campaigns that are especially appealing to get consumers to purchase their products. But, are consumers aware of the affect popular culture has on their lives? Identifiable Patterns

America has become a society of people who demand instant gratification and convenience. A distinctive pattern has emerged to fulfill the demands of consumers by providing them with everything from fast food windows, where they do not even have to leave their car to get food, to grocery delivery services that bring food directly to their house. Advertisers design marketing campaigns to persuade consumers to buy their products not based not solely on the product itself, but on the convenience it will provide to them.

Most of the things people buy are for entertainment purposes. Things like CD's, DVD's, toys, and even vehicles are purchased for recreational purposes. The fact that the entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry provides evidence as to where Americans spend enormous amounts of money. Leisure activities are an important part of society.

Purchases made by Americans more often then not are done so to reflect a certain kind of status. They go to tanning salons, get their hair and nails done, and buy designer clothes and jewelry. They buy expense cars and eat expensive food and all of these things are designed to portray their level of success in life.

Indication of Trends

Restaurants are affected by pop culture as well. Whether it be the type of restaurant that becomes popular because of a fad or trend, or an item added to an already existing restaurants menu because of a certain type of diet that happens to be popular at the time. For example Sushi restaurants have become an increasingly popular trend. All different kinds off low carbohydrate diets are popular now, and several fast food chains and restaurants have followed suit by incorporating low carbohydrate menu items. "For more than 150 years restaurants have been a central part of the American experience. More than mere eating establishments, they have been important regional landmarks, community meeting spots and cultural institutions" (Barbas, S 2003).

Reality TV shows have taken over the networks and show no signs of slowing down in the near future....

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