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Year 3 Homework Grid Template

Year 1 Homework

Dear Parent / Carer

There are many ways that you can help and support your child out of school. Homework is a vital part of your child’s learning as it enables them to practise skills and reinforces the things they have learnt during the school day. Here are the ways you can support your child in Year 1.

Reading at home:  There are a wide variety of opportunities for your child to read during the week at school, phonics, guided reading, visiting the school library are some examples of the opportunities they will get. We ask that you help your child to improve their reading skills by reading at home with them as often as possible. Your child can read their reading book, library book or one of their own books to you. We encourage children to read for pleasure so the choice of book can be left up to them. Children also like to be read to and listen to books so sharing books together is important too.

Maths practice: During the year your child may bring home a maths challenge card as part of their homework. This could be a times table or some questions asking your child to practice a skill they have learnt in term. We ask that you support your child to learn these facts or answer these questions so that they can build on the work done in class.

Spellings: Please practise the year 1 set of spellings throughout the year, there will be no formal weekly test as we will be checking to see if these words are spelt correctly in their work.

Homework Grid: Your child will be bringing home their new homework grid this week. It is linked to our Autumn/Spring/Summer Term theme. We encourage children to try to complete one or two activities a week and therefore spread the work over the whole half-term. The work should be of a good quality and should be brought to school on a Friday to be checked. Before your child brings home their grid we will discuss their point target and give time for children to choose which activities they want to complete. We ask for your support in helping your child to continue their learning outside of school by enabling them to complete these activities and work towards achieving their point target by the end of half term. The activities on the grid are designed to be fun and link with and extend any work done at school.

Thank you for your support.

Miss S Weekes

Year 1 Spring Term Homework Grid: Hermelin

Puzzles and Problems for Year 1

Teach Your Monster to Read: Website Information Sheet




The purpose of homework at Wattle Park Primary School is to:


  • support the school program
  • respond to each child's specific needs
  • involve parents in their children's learning


We conducted a review of our homework policy in 2012. This was done through parent forums, teacher discussion and in conjunction with the education committee and the school council. Based on the feedback from all participants we updated our policy which you can read here.


As part of this new policy, we are trialling Homework Grids this term. This is based on the work of educational expert Dr Ian Lillico.


Homework will be done on a weekly basis from Monday to Monday. It will be consistent across each year level. See below for a more detailed explanation of the homework grid for each year level (it varies between year levels, increasing in complexity as the students move through the school.) Also included are example homework grids.


Background Information for Parents on the Homework Grid


Foundation to Year 2

Years 3 and 4

Years 5 and 6


Example Homework Grids


Foundation Homework Grid

Year 1 Homework Grid

Year 2 Homework Grid

Year 3 Homework Grid

Year 4 Homework Grid

Year 5 and 6 Homework Grid


For more information, please discuss with your classroom teacher.

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