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Morals and ethics go hand-in-hand in the workplace and should be of concern to small business owners. Operating an ethical and moral business depends not only on how the owners and managers of a company behave, but also its employees and how they interact with each other and with customers.

Moral Decision-Making

As the owner of a small business, you will typically be in charge of making numerous decisions that affect both your company and the people who work for you. Striving to maintain ethical and moral decision-making skills is vital for a business owner. All decisions need to be weighed, particularly when it comes to promotions and instructions for employees. All decisions must be fair and personal preference should never enter into the decision-making process.

Goals and Policies

Your business should have a clear set of organizational goals and policies, particularly when it comes to morals and ethics. Your employees need to know that your business holds itself -- and them -- to a higher standard. By being clear about what is and is not acceptable in the workplace, you remove any gray ethical or moral areas. Your business should always operate in an ethical manner, even if this means taking a loss or falling behind competitors who are not ethical.

Employee and Company Integrity

Integrity is a very important part of morals and ethics. Everyone in your organization should hold himself to a high personal standard of integrity. This plays into setting the policies that will govern how your company is run. Develop standards of integrity for your employees and yourself and insist that they be followed. Some employees may need to have what you expect of them spelled out so that they can follow your company guidelines.

Ethics and Morals in Competition

In terms of competition, whether it is with another company, or between employees, ethics and morals should always be stressed. For example, if two employees are pitted against one another in competition for a raise or a promotion, the potential for immoral or unethical behavior is there. The same is true when dealing with a competitor. The temptation to get ahead in any way possible can be strong. It is necessary for small business owners to stress that integrity cannot be compromised in any way, shape or form.

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If we define the morality and leadership separately, morality is the belief or identification that certain behaviors are good or bad, right or wrong. It is also control what you should or should not be done. Actually, all people have different opinion about the definition of leadership. It can be define by the action of leading a group or organization, or leadership has nothing to do with seniority, and it also can be define by the ability to make a decision and inspire other to do well. We cannot judge, either it is right or wrong, because all people have different thought. So, if we combine into Moral Leadership, it can be describe how leaders make a decisions based on beliefs about right or wrong. This is to respect the rights and dignity of others, so no ones feel unfair.

Moral leadership is very different kind of leadership; in terms of aspiring to being followed, moral leadership’s aim is to serve the other people to feel equal. It is not about the rank, any person holding any position can be a moral leader. But usually, there are deep sense of ethics, and are motivated to achieve higher goals / purpose to support them to become moral leader. Moral leadership is also about capacity and skills. Someone should know how to manage their selves, control the egos, and how to become wise and honest. Even though is not for followed by people, but it is really need to become moral leaders, who will hold all the rights and obligations of others, to make a decision, so that all will feel its fair.

Experiences in life are also needed for moral leaders.  So, when leaders want to make a decision, they must develop over time to learning insights from past situation, thus it will make the best decision. Moral leaders should have developed emotional intelligence skills and socialize. Because some people are participated to give an opinion that support to make a perfect decision, that is why leaders should know how to interact /influence with other people.

Morality is important for political leaders. For example, if president has weak morality for community, he can be far from people. Because it means he do not respect the other people who actually have rights to give opinion / thought that may be can support what president want to decide, and it will make all people are feel fair. However, if president have high moral and ethical standards for the community, he will be more attend to the people, by listen and accept all their critic or advice, and also more concerned to problems or issues that can hamper to solving all problems and make peace.

In the business world, moral and ethical standard are crucial as well. Usually, people or company itself thinks that their main goal is to make high profit, which make them does not really attend to morality. But in reality, just because they can produce high profit, it does not means that they were succeed. As media is becoming more concern in contemporary society, their comments on business leaders are able to implement a significant influence on them. Media is not noticing about business achievement, instead the social responsibility or it can say community morality. How they can make all people feel comfort not only for their surround but also in business system. So, I think business leader need to increase the morality, to be better with society. There are many ways to build high moral ad ethical, such as donate for unfortunate people, or do anything that can help the other. At the end, the company will completely succeed, in terms on make profits and also in society.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of moral leadership. The advantages are people can feel fair with each other, and they also tell their opinion or idea, which it can support the company to be better. As we all know that respect are really significant, so we have to apply to our daily life. Moral leadership is always trying to use the respectful feeling to the community, because if we respect towards others, they will also do the same. The disadvantages is hard to become moral leaders, because it needs a lot of skills that require to become a leaders that have high moral and ethical, and also it need a long time to become good moral leaders in community. Just take a simple example, when we should respect each other, we all think that it is easy to do it, but actually to understand, listening or accepting the other idea critics or opinion is not that easy. Because we always need to think positively, and ignore what people said, either it bad or good things, just accepted it as our motivation to be better in the future. Additionally, sometimes people just focus on their personal life, and do not care about the other, that is not supported the morality, which actually is really needed to build comfort in community.

So, I can conclude that moral leadership is important, even within the family it needs to be applied, so all problems can easily solve. We all know that nobody is perfect, so we need to complement each other, in a way always being respectful, especially for leaders who will leads the community or group. Everybody can be a moral leader, even though you do not have a high status, but if you have skills that require becoming moral leader, sure you can. Besides you will motivate the other people, you also can make the best decision that could give benefits for other. I think that is all what my essay talking about, I hope it can useful for others. Thank you very much for your time.

Name: Kelly Kurnia

School: Sekolah Bogor Raya, Indonesia

Age: 15

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