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Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Examples

Chemical Engineering Personal Statement 7

Given its diverse and everchanging nature, and the opportunity to contribute to quality of life around the world, the field of engineering offers a very unique appeal. In particular, the chance to study the design of chemical reactions on a large scale is what has drawn me so much to Chemical Engineering, and since discovering the subject, I have found a number of reasons why I would particularly enjoy studying this course.

Firstly, the problem solving element to Chemical Engineering is one of the main attractions of the subject. Whilst undertaking a work placement at the engineering firm MottMacdonald, I worked on a problem faced by a team of water engineers designing a new pipeline, in which the steep gradient of the pipe would cause the fluid to travel at an excessively high velocity. Using only the most basic properties of fluids, the engineers were able to design an effective but very low-cost solution to this problem. Seeing all this, I could only imagine the range of solutions that could be implemented using more advanced Fluid Mechanics theory. Another topic I look forward to studying is Thermodynamics, an area I have been able to explore through watching a series of "Thermodynamics and Kinetics" lectures provided by MIT OpenCourseWare. The lectures covered various concepts relating to heat and work, and each of the Four Laws in turn. I greatly enjoyed the mathematical grounding of all these topics, and feel my ability and interest in maths would allow me to cope well with the highly mathematical nature of the course. However, above all, I enjoyed seeing how the fundamental theories of Chemical Engineering can be applied to create innovative solutions in industry.

Another driving factor for my desire to do the subject is the design element. I particularly like how the component steps of a chemical process - from delivering the reactant mixtures to heat exchange to waste disposal - all assemble together. The need to meet design requirements in an economical manner poses yet another challenge, along with the increasing importance of sustainable production. Integrating and resolving all these various elements into one single, functional process is what makes process engineering appeal to me so much. For these reasons, I am greatly looking forward to the final-year design project.

Furthermore, given my experience working in teams, I would be well-suited to team-oriented tasks such as the design project. Having completed a Headstart course at Newcastle University, and currently undertaking the Engineering Education Scheme, my ability to work well in teams in an engineering context has improved. I also recently set up a peer tutoring scheme at my school, which involved bringing together a team of academically able students to help out with other students struggling at their subjects. Whilst acting as a maths/sciences tutor myself, I was also responsible for managing the team, which included ensuring the tutors were keeping to the rota, collecting ideas and getting reports on tutoring sessions at which I was not present. Besides team activities, my interests also include music. I have achieved Grade 6 Piano and Grade 7 Violin so far, and I aim to achieve Grade 8 on both instruments over the upcoming year.

During my gap year, I will be participating in the Year in Industry. My aim is to improve my knowledge of the applications of engineering theory in industry and as a result be better able to understand how the concepts introduced in the course are used in real-world situations. From my current experience, Chemical Engineering appears an exciting field that I feel well-equipped to study, and one that I believe will be enjoyable, challenging, and above all, stimulating to undertake at university.

Universities Applied to:

  • Imperial College London (MEng Chemical Engineering with a Year Abroad) - Offer (AAA in Maths, Chemistry, Physics) Firm
  • University of Cambridge (MEng Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences) - Rejection
  • University College London (MEng Chemical Engineering with Study Abroad) - Offer (AAB with A in Maths) Insurance
  • University of Bath (MEng Chemical Engineering) - Offer (AA in Maths, Chemistry)
  • University of Manchester (MEng Chemical Engineering with Study in Europe) - Offer (AAA in Maths, French, 1 other)

Grades Achieved:

  • Maths (Advanced Higher) - A
  • Chemistry (Advanced Higher) - A
  • Physics (Advanced Higher) - A
  • French (Advanced Higher) - A
  • Maths (Higher) - A
  • Chemistry (Higher) - A
  • Physics (Higher) - A
  • English(Higher) - A
  • Biology(Higher) - A

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Sample Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

My desire to pursue a career in Chemical Engineering was first sparked by an inspirational lecture by NASA astronaut Dr Albert Saccho. At the Institution of Chemical Engineers’ ‘ChemEng08′ conference, he discussed how chemical engineering not only benefits the present population, but is also being used to help to sustain the environment for future individuals. This made me realise that I too want to play a part in solving the complex, challenging and ever-changing problems facing our world.

I have had the opportunity to observe some of the practical uses of Chemical Engineering through interesting and stimulating work experience. In July 2010 I spent some time at the Hess Corporation, a global energy company involved in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. I noticed there was great emphasis on the importance of safety, this was particularly highlighted whilst looking at the safety aspects of an oil rig that was being built near Denmark. I observed how the team analysed paper plans and interactive CAD 3D models in order to identify hazards. I learnt the importance of being thorough and having a meticulous attention to detail. I am interested in learning more about how techniques such as these can be developed to prevent disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

I have also carried out work experience at a doctor’s surgery and pharmacy, where I learnt to appreciate the enormous significance of the pharmaceutical industry. I realised the impact that chemical engineers have on the health sector in manufacturing new drugs. I would love to learn more about biotechnology during the course of my degree.

Chemical Engineering would enable me to make the best use of the skills I have developed during my A-level studies. I appreciate that Maths will be a key foundation for this course. I enjoy solving mathematical problems in a logical manner, and have learnt the value of persistence to reach solutions.

Many aspects of my A-level Chemistry course can be applied to Chemical Engineering. For example, I am particularly interested in the study of entropy and thermodynamics, and look forward to studying them in greater depth at degree level. Additionally, in GCSE chemistry, I scored 100% in my practical investigation on polymers by using my strong analytical skills.

In Biology my knowledge of topics like homogenization, centrifugation and enzymes will assist my understanding of the biotechnology aspects of Chemical Engineering. Finally, the computing skills I have acquired for my AS level Applied ICT will enable me to keep up with modern methods of interpreting statistical data and designing solutions.

I am a highly self-motivated individual, with excellent time-management skills that enable me to balance my strong academic performance with a range of extra-curricular activities. I am a keen sportsman, my main sport being table tennis. I have played for my local club since 2007, winning two trophies to date, and would love to represent my university in this discipline. I have completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, for which I played a major role in the ‘PE in primary schools’ scheme. My role included setting up equipment, motivating children when they were struggling and teaching them to apply the knowledge they learnt at the start of the lesson to the game at the end, employing the ‘teach-apply’ rule I had developed from my studies. Helping younger individuals progress was a very rewarding experience. The Duke of Edinburgh expeditions strengthened my leadership, decision making and team work skills, all of which will assist me in my future career in Chemical Engineering.

I believe I have the necessary skills and motivation to fulfil my ambition to become a Chemical Engineer. Whether it be developing drugs in the biotechnology sector or discovering ways of improving the efficiency of renewable/non renewable resources, I hope to play a role in sustaining the world for future generations.

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