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Francesca Forzani Dissertation

Disputation: Cand.polit. Inga Staal Jenset

Cand.polit. Inga Staal Jenset defends her doctoral dissertation for the degree of Ph.d.:


Practice-Based Teacher Education Coursework: An Examination of the Extent and Characteristics of How Teacher Education Coursework Is Grounded in Practice Across Six Teacher Education Programs in Finland, Norway and California, US.


Trial lecture - time and place

Her trial lecture will be held Monday 18 September 2017 10.15 - 11.00,  in Lecture Hall 2, Helga Engs building, Blindern

Lecture title:

Researching practice-based teacher education: Research questions, designs, and issues concerning validity and generalizability. Lessons learned and ways ahead.

Adjudication committee

  • Professor Francesca Forzani, School of Education, Univesity of Michigan, US (1. opponent)
  • Dean, Professor Elaine Munthe, Faculty of Arts and Education, University of Stavanger (2. opponent).

Third member of the commitee and the committee's coordinator is Professor Andreas Lund, Department of Teacher Education and School Research, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo.

Chair of defence

  • Deputy Dean for studies, Associate Professor Magne Vestøl Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo.


  • Professor Kirsti Klette, Department of Teacher Education and School Research, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo
  • Director Karen Hammerness, Department of Educational Research and Evaluation, American Museum of Natural History, New York, US:.

Additional information


Information in Norwegian

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