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The SPM English is a compulsory subject that all students must sit for. It comprises of two written papers and one oral examination. Before looking for SPM English Tips 2018, make sure you know the structure of the written paper, which is as follows.

Examination structure of SPM English 2018:

Paper 1

  • To be answered in 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Section A: Directed Writing
  • Section B: Continuous Writing

Paper 2

  • To be answered in 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • Section A: 15 Multiple Choice Questions (Answer ALL)
  • Section B: 10 Short Questions (Answer ALL)
  • Section C: 5 Short Questions & 1 Essay Question (Answer ALL)
  • Section D: 1 Short Question & 1 Essay Question (Answer ALL)

The papers are marked dually by the Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM) and the GCE Cambridge O Level examination board, resulting in two scores. It is harder to score an A for the GCE board and is important for anyone wishing to study in universities abroad. The oral examination is carried out by the school teacher.

SPM English Tips 2018


  1. Use the correct formatting for letters. Remember where the addresses and signatories: 
  2. Formal letters on the left, Normal letters like the right!
  3. Use idioms and similes sparingly to show a good command of language. 
  4. For poems, keep your answers short and precise while trying simplify the poem’s meaning based on what the question asks.
  5. For novels, make sure you know the themes, moral values, main plot and character motivations to be able to score in this section.
  6. Do remember the difference between words like ‘your vs you’re’, ‘affect vs. effect’, ‘definitely vs defiantly’ and other similar sounding but different meaning words.


  1. Use Manglish like “You very clever one meh?”, even if writing dialog.
  2. For formal letters, don’t use words like buddy, pal, bro, BFF, and other slangs, and try to stay away from them in general. 
  3. Don’t write sentences that are too long or don’t use proper punctuation. 
  4. Don’t write essays in point form! Make sure to use full sentences and reduce spelling errors.


  1. The novel and literature. There is no way to escape this, though you can refer to short notes and reference books that break down the stories by themes and plots. 
  2. Must memorise and be familiar with formal and informal letters.

The above are just a short summary of SPM English Tips 2018 that projects some do’s and don’ts. For more SPM Tips for all subjects, get this extremely useful SPM answering guide here.


SPM English Examination Format

Paper (

- Duration: & h 15 m

)o*Test AreaTask MarksSection A +1! marks, - O./ecti0e (!mins

1 - @nderstanding vocaular,Ans.er uestions ased short paragraphs adverts and dialogues B - 15?rammar"ill in the lans .ith the est ans.er =

Section " +1% marks, - S$./ecti0e (!mins

1< - &5Inormation Transer%omplete the tale using inormation orm thete7t 1'

Section # +(! marks, - S$./ecti0e !%mins

&< -$'%omprehensionAns.er uestions ased on the entire passagegiven1'$1Summar,15 mars are given here * 1' or content and 5 or language 1' .ords are given and the summar, must not e longer than 1$' .ords  To score ull mars students must ollo. instructions summarise the given passage to at least 1' points and .rite it in their o.n .ords15

Section D +(% marks, - S$./ecti0e !mins

$&3oemAns.er uestions ased on

In the Midst of Hardship

 Are You Still Playing The Flute?, Nature


He Had Such Quiet yes!

5$$(ovel15 mars are given here * 1' or content and 5 or language Ans.er a uestion ased on

Step "y #ic$ed Step!

 To score ull mars the ans.ers must have an introduction $ evidences C e7amples and a conclusion15


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