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Myhomework Student Planner By Rodrigo Neri

Get here useful best iPad apps for middle school student and some region of the country it’s also called junior high school student. Generally there are between 11 to 15 year ages of middle school students. And they are included older than elementary school but not yet in High School.

There are many iPad apps which is students discover often like social studies apps for middle school, best spelling apps for middle school, best educational apps for middle School, as well as best middle school math apps or maths app for iPad.

So here we tried to publish collection of best iPad apps for middle school students. Let’s go at below and checkout Good list of best iPad apps for middle school student. Hope this article will become most helpful for you. get more : Best must have iPhone apps for College Students

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Best iPad apps for middle school student

MyHomework Student Planner

The app developed by Rodrigo Neri is the best to use for anyone. It’s a most useful iOS app for back to school student. Medium school students can make his/her home work plan very handy with easy interface. Even app can be alert you as home work reminder. More feature including join your teachers’ class and get auto downloads their class info, files, and assignments as well announcements.

Download Now: My Homework Student planner iOS app

Middle School Math 7th Grade: Best iPad apps for middle school student

This is a kind of game app that you can be use as good practice of maths. There are various kind of math topics involved in them likely order of operation, negative number and Absolute values. Free app gives you less features then pro cause in Pro app you can be getting Fractions, Decimal, Scientific Notation, Multiple rations, Probability and proportions.

Download Now: Free math app for iPad

Social Studies Friendzy: Best iPad apps for middle school student

This is indeed interactive and funny app. the app is very easy because it’s give easy questions in start out and get harder as you go compared to other app like ‘’pass the Past’’. There are many different levels and rank in this app. the Social Study Friendzy provides your Curriculum and much more from 1st Grade to 8th Grade.

Download Now: Free Social Studies Friendzy app for iPad

iBrainstrom: Best iPad apps for middle school student

Now you can your inner most genius from iPad to iPad. iBrainstrom allows you to draw pattern on your iPad screen as well assign you to fill colors to give additional effect. In addition, you can add a note and drag and drop it anywhere. It’s an Art app of iPad for middle school student.

Download Now: iBrainstrom drawing app for iPad

Apologize this post is not enough we’ll update this post soon. Even your idea is also welcome about best iPad apps for middle school student.

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School Tools for Success

Back to school means new clothes to address that summer growth spurt, changing seasons, and a fresh start. It also means easing into a new routine, academics and yes, that dreaded word: homework. For students with special needs, transitioning back into a school routine can be challenging.

To help you and your child have a successful school year, we have put together a list of school tool apps that we hope will make this year the best yet!

App suggestions include having fun planning school lunches (yes, picky eaters we mean YOU), working confidently in a no pressure, self-paced math curriculum, and supporting struggling readers. With the exception of the last two, all of these apps are FREE!

myHomework Student Planner

by Rodrigo Neri

myHomework Student Planner is a tool for helping students organize their classes, homework and daily routine. This app is great for students with dyslexia, auditory processing problems, ADD and dyscalculia. Customizing the app is easy. Users simply enter their class details into the calendar. Adding homework descriptions is quick and simple with the tap of a button. Users set the due dates, time and identify high, medium or low priority. They can also set up reminders. When you sign up for a myHomework account it syncs your data across all devices making it easy to login from anywhere and access assignments.

Price: Free



Full review:http://bridgingapps.org/app/?id=303490844


LaLa Lunchbox-Fun lunch planning for parents and kids

by LaLa Lunchbox, LLC

LaLa Lunchbox LLC is a fun meal-planning app that can be helpful for families, especially those with picky eaters…sound familiar? LaLa Lunchbox is ideal for children ages preschool and up, has multi-user functionality, and allows each family member to create his or her own account and “monster” avatar. Each lunchbox contains multiple food options that can be selected by accessing one of four lunchboxes: fruits, vegetables, proteins and snacks. All selected foods are then compiled into a grocery list, which can be synced with any mobile device to make grocery shopping quick and easy. Children who are picky eaters will especially enjoy being involved in the meal-planning process and are more likely to eat foods that they have selected themselves. Parents can easily manage food lists in each category by deleting foods or adding foods that are not in the default list by taking pictures of household favorites. This ability to customize a food list is particularly useful for families with food allergies or special dietary needs. All foods in this app are represented pictorially, which is helpful for early-readers and non-readers. Additionally, LaLa Lunchbox can help those families with nonverbal members who may have difficulty communicating their meal preferences.

Price: Free


Full review:http://bridgingapps.org/app/?id=519037961



by AMZN Mobile LLC

The Kindle app provides many learning opportunities for students with special needs including visual formatting, text-to-speech, organization and a dictionary feature. The Kindle iOS app has recently been enhanced for the blind and visually impaired. Users can now hear many books read aloud and use features like Zoom and AssistiveTouch to more easily see and navigate text. Kindle’s text-to-speech audio function can help address the challenges of ELL students as well as those who struggle with reading fluency. A helpful suggestion for these students is to allow them to choose a font size and color to meet their needs. For students who have difficulty flipping pages or holding open books, the Kindle provides a convenient alternative of pushing a button to flip through pages and chapters.

Price: Free


Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/ details?id=com.amazon.kindle

Full review:http://bridgingapps.org/app/?id=302584613


Todo Math – Complete Curriculum for Kindergarten and Beyond

by Locomotive Labs

Todo Math offers 18 multi-level engaging games and curriculum-based activities to help your child practice and master foundational math skills. It is designed for kindergarten through 2nd grade and engages different types of learners with multi-sensory options for learning math concepts. It also has settings for left-handed kids and those with dyslexia and has amazing data tracking built in to help parents monitor where kids are struggling and doing well.

Price: Free


Full review:http://bridgingapps.org/app/?id=666465255


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