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Dunkin Donuts Research Paper

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Dunkin Donuts enter to Taiwan’s Market

Content I. Introduction II. Body
Dunkin Donuts background and history
Dunkin Donuts enter to Taiwan Market
Dunkin Donuts facing the biggest issue
Dunkin Donuts Locking the strategy III. Conclusion

Dunkin Donuts is one of the biggest donuts and coffee shop around the United States. A lot of people in the States would purchase from Dunkin every single morning, because it faster with low prices. However, Dunkin Donuts are not successful in Taiwanese market. The store has been enter to Taiwan’s market twice but also leave the market , This research paper we would discussion why Dunkin Donut is successful in United States market but no the market in Taiwan.…show more content…

As the result, they fail and leave Taiwan’s market. During 2007, Taiwan biggest retail company Mercuries& associates deiced to agency Dunkin Donuts brand. The companies contact with Dunkin Donuts Visit president of international Asia Pacific and decided to use the different strategy in Taiwan’s Market. Since Dunkin Donuts have entered the market in South Korea, so they decided to apply the same strategy. They decided to focus on the Donuts more on the beverage drinks, because coffee already has a lot of competition. According to Dunkin’s Donuts taps Taiwan for expansion Author mention that “The Dunkin Donuts in Taiwan will offer coffee, baked goods and iced beverages. But they will also serve local taste preference such as mocha rings, which are cake doughnuts indigenous to the region (The Sun 2007)”.
When Dunkin Donuts opened the first store in 2007, a lot of people are willing to line up for an hour to purchase the donuts because it is very new for people in Taiwan. People in Taiwan never see lot of flavor donuts until Dunkin Donuts open the business. On the first year, Dunkin Donuts earn a lot of money, According to Dunkin Donuts; Dunkin’ Donuts Announced Plans to Enter Mainland China Author mention that “Located in prime real estate areas in Taipei, Dunkin Donuts has experienced strong growth in its first year of operation there. The brand will continue to expand in 2008 with an additional 10 stores planned. Dunkin Donuts has fast


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Carly AdamsEN 112Dr. Bruce16 April 2015A Snapshot of Dunin Donuts! "isual #aretin$ throu$hout the Decades%hen people &ho are not from #assachusetts thin of Boston' they usually thin of (ar)ard' #*+' Boston sports teams' and seafood. Boston forei$ners tend to for$et the fact that #assachusetts &as the ,irthplace of the reno&ned ,reafast and coffee food chain' Dunin Donuts. +he first e)er Dunin Donuts opened in 1-50 in uincy' #assachusetts ,y Bill /osen,er$' and since then has ,een throu$h many chan$es and has had &orld&ide success. Since1-50' Dunin Donuts has ,ecome a )ery competiti)e franchise' and ultimately it is reco$nied asthe &orlds leadin$ ,aed $ood and coffee chain. +here are se)eral reasons ,ehind this success. f course the taste of Dunin Donuts products and the price of their products are a ,i$ contri,utin$ factor to their success' ho&e)er the &ay Dunin Donuts has used )isual maretin$ to ,uild their ,rand since 1-50 has ,een a crucial component to their achie)ements o)er the years. Brandin$ is )ery important for all companies' ,ut it is especially important for restaurant franchises ,ecause it $i)es potential customers a desire to $o to that franchise ,ased on the  picture of the food product they happen to see on tele)ision or other forms of media. +hrou$h analyin$ different ad)ertisements throu$hout different decades' it can ,e sho&n that )isual maretin$ had a si$nificant impact on the o)erall ,usiness of Dunin Donuts. +he first ad)ertisement used ,y Dunin Donuts in the 1-50s &as a picture of a donut fi$ure in a teacup' carryin$ a tray of donuts' and the franchise continued to use this ad throu$hout

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