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Mno2601 Assignment 2 2014

MNO2601 Production and Operations Management – Semester1


MNO2601 Production and Operations Management

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    • Notes
      • MNO2601_Calculations.pdf
      • MNO2601_Calculations_Tutorial.docx
      • MNO2601_Johnson_rule_activities.docx
      • MNO2601_Layout_diagrams.pptx
      • MNO2601_Littles_Law.pdf
      • MNO2601_Master_Production_Schedule.pdf
      • MNO2601_Materials_Requirements_Planning.pdf
      • MNO2601_Notes_Summary_2013.docx
      • MNO2601_Productions_and_operations_management_notes.doc
      • MNO2601_Productivity_Management_Information.pdf
      • MNO2601_Topic_2_Additional_reading.pdf
      • MNO2601_Topic_4_Designing_the_production_or_operations_management_system.docx
      • MNO2601_Transformation_process-1.mov
      • MNO2601_Transformation_process_examples.docx
      • Podcasts
        • MNO2601_Job_Design_Work_Organisation_1.mp3
        • MNO2601_Podcast_1_Transformation_process_1.mov
        • MNO2601_Podcast_4_Job_Design_Work_Organisation.mp3
      • mno2601_notes_summary_2013(2).docx
    • Solutions
      • MNO2601_Answers_to_Exercise_1.docx
      • MNO2601_Answers_to_MPS_problem.doc
      • MNO2601_Little_law_answers.doc
      • MNO2601_OctNov2010_exam_group_answers.xls


This Study Group has an in-house Academic Lecturer

MNO2601 Production and Operations Management equips learners with knowledge and skills related to a basic understanding of the role and functioning of production and operations management, selected design and planning tasks and responsibilities of production and operation managers and productivity management with regards to the management of operations in organisations.

Prescribed book for MNO2601 Production and Operations management

TitleOperations management. Global and South African perspectives
AuthorPycraft, M.
Year Published2010

Resources for MNO2601-MNO202B Production and Operations Management

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