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Info 640 Case Study

MID-TERM - JOB ANALYSIS CASE STUDY2IntroductionComfort Assisted Living recently decided to announce a new Human resources position within their company. This new position has been advertised as the Deputy Vice President for Human Resources. Mr. Williams, the current Senior Human Resource Specialist with Comfort Assistance, has filed a grievance against the company due to his feeling that his current position should have been reclassified as the VP for Human Resources instead it being announced as a new position. One complicating factor is that it has been years since Comfort Assisted Living lastwent through a job analysis so some of the information found in Mr. Williams job description may no longer be accurate.Job Analysis StepsGathering the necessary information - One of the first steps of the job analysis will be to find out exactly when the last time Comfort Assisted Living went through a job analysis. Due to the ever changing nature and periodic updates of government regulations like the ADA, the FLSA or other federal rules and regulations, it is a job analysis and an updated job description that ensures that organizations are compliant with relevant rules and regulations. Even if a position description does exist, if too much time has passed since the last review the actual position duties and responsibilities might have shifted which can result in an inaccurate positon description (Smith 2015).Once it is understood when the last job analysis occurred, the next step will be to look and comprehend how the organization has set up their Human Resource Department and what is their desired set up and what it will look like after the new Deputy VP position has been filled (Lussier & Hendon, 2016). Currently the organizational structure at Comfort Assisted Living is with a Vice President of Human Resources with the EEO Director, the HR Director for Benefits

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World Wide Martial Arts came to us in 2014 looking to increase the amount of sales generated by their ecommerce website selling martial arts supplies.

After our collaborative discussion we discovered the most effective way to help Dave’s website reach its full potential.

The team at AIA set about elimenating the areas on Dave’s website that were producing a low conversion rate and brought the attention of the viewer to the products and sections of Dave’s website that were achieving the best results.

Through a culmination of online marketing techniques including Social and Search we have been able to push World Wide Martial Arts substantially closer to realising its full potential.

In the initial stages of the campaign we set up conversion tracking and remarketing tags in Dave’s website. This meant we were able to accurately track the return on his investment and scale the campaign accordingly, whilst also making sure that we remarket to all of the previous visitors, including shopping cart abandoners.

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