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Icelt Assignment 3


In addition, I only chose to highlight the language she would 'e a'le to correct herself%*oreover, for some mistakes, as 1armer (!4/$$!" suggests, I chose to refer to a 'ook, soshe would know where to look for them% &he advantage, according to him, is that 0itencourages them to look at the information with a purpose in mind% &hey will learn as theycorrect+% For those parts where I 'elieve 6 7mistakes were a'ove her level, I chose toreformulate them myself% I also chose to reformulate those I considered slips, such asforgetting to use an indefinite article in a list% 1armer (!4/$$$" states that 0the student learns 'y comparing correct and incorrect versions+ and that it is 0etremely useful during draftingand re-drafting+%ll this considered, I 'elieve that *ariana will 'enefit from the correction% Firstly, shewill know what aspects made her tet good so she can continue to work as such and it was thefirst thing focused on 6 7the correction% ccording to 8ewis and 1ill, 0many factorscontri'ute towards the success or failure of the individual language learner% 9ne of the mostimportant, however, is pro'a'ly the confidence the learner has in his a'ility to succeed in thetask ($:./:"Rationale is clear and well supported with reading% ;ell done<

SAMPLE 2Rationale

)imilarly to the previous sample, I chose to start responding to Fernanda+s tet, rather than correcting it% ccording to 1armer, when we respond to a tet, 0we are not onlyconcerned with the accuracy of their performance 'ut also = and this is crucial = with thecontent and design of their writing (!4/$"% &he tet she produced was a letter to her younger self, where she was supposed toreflect on her own childhood memories as if she was talking to herself% &herefore, I startedfeed'ack 'y responding positively to her tet% s 1armer states, in cases like this, it is 0vitalto 'e encouraging and helpful rather than 2udgmental (!4/$$>"% Furthermore, Fernanda+stet was well organized, the letter layout was clear, she was very creative and the tet wascompelling% In terms of language feed'ack, I 'elieve that she is a'le to correct most of her mistakes, for they were in the ma2ority related to word position, spelling or grammar topics

Icelt Methodology Assignment

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Another two students arrived ten and fifteen minutes late. I explained the purpose of our lesson and allowed them to catch up by reading the story with which we were working. The process description itself was very clear to them and the timeline relationship between tense and time resulted simple towards this purpose. We reviewed the new vocabulary and applied it to different personalized scenarios. We proceeded to the writing exercise, which was my general objective, in addition to the lesson plan’s main aim. The students wrote their story based on their business processes, hobbies and life experiences. Each read their written production to their classmates, who discussed them, aided their correction, and provided feedback as groupwork. Results covered the full range: from excellent to deplorable. Although his classmates understood him, one my students could not express his ideas articulately, probably due to emotional stress resulting from the loss of his mother; another wrote something very short because he had to leave for a meeting; yet another did quite well and one did very well. I noted that their production scarcely utilized phrasal verbs.

This procedure allowed us to combine both contexts of language use evidenced in Cummins’ (1981) research on the relationship that exists between

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