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Territory Assignment In Siebel High Interactivity

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Running Interactive Assignment

Running Siebel Assignment Manager in interactive mode allows end users to make real-time assignments. End users can review a list of potential assignees generated by Assignment Manager, then select and confirm, or override the assignment from the generated potential candidate list. For example, a call center agent might review potential candidates for an activity, then based on the candidates' assignment scores, expertise, or workload, assign the best candidate for the job.

The Activity and Service Request assignment objects are predefined to use interactive assignment, which allows you to assign employees to activities and service requests in real time. However, you can configure other assignment objects to use interactive assignment.

For information about how to configure assignment objects to use interactive assignment, see Configuring Assignment Objects for Interactive Assignment.

You can run interactive assignment using any of the following:

  • Siebel Web Client (also known as zero-footprint client)
  • Command-line Server Manager (srvrmgr) program
  • Siebel Developer Web Client

Siebel Mobile Web Client users running Assignment Manager in interactive mode do not make real-time assignments, because any interactive assignments made by mobile users are not applied to the server until these users resynchronize.

NOTE:  Before you run interactive assignment using the Siebel Developer Web Client, it is recommended that you verify that the correct parameter settings exist in your Siebel client configuration (.cfg) file. The parameters identified in this configuration file specify the location of the Siebel Server where Assignment Manager is running and are automatically created during installation of the Siebel client. For information about the Siebel client installation process and configuration file, see the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

Requirements for interactive assignment are that the:

  • Assignment Manager component is Online
  • Server Request Broker component is Running

Data is everywhere. Are you using it to your full advantage? If you’re not tapping into the power of data to fuel your sales processes, you might be missing the boat. Not just missing the boat, actually – the boat is literally sailing away while you wave from the shore. There are dozens of sales analytics tools with predictive analytics capabilities, forecasting tools, deep data analysis displayed in gorgeous visualizations, and so much more.

We took a look around the sales analytics tools landscape and rounded up 48 of the most sophisticated, impressive tools we could find. Why? Well, we know that sales is a primary driver for your business. And we want to help you do it better. So whether you need to conduct some competitive benchmarking analysis, refine your messaging, target your audience with greater precision or just generally kick ass all the way around, these tools can help you get it done.

Note: The following 48 tools aren’t ranked in order of fabulousness; they’re in totally random order. We think they’re all pretty great, but every business is unique. So what works for you might not work for another. We added numbers, yes, because it makes things a bit simpler if you want to send this list off to a colleague or superior with a recommendation to check out #25 or #37, for instance. But we’re not trying to imply that #1 is far better than #49.

Ready to kick your sales up a notch and start landing more deals or closing more business? Check out these 48 amazing sales analytics tools. We’re betting you’ll find at least one tool you love.

1. Indicee


By recognizing that business has changed due to social media and mobility, Indicee works to help you make sense of the data and make decisions by providing cloud-based analytics and multiple dashboards that will work for your business today.  Indicee’s platform showcases a 360-degree view and connects managers and owners with all data, including social metrics.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built library with hundreds of Salesforce objects and fields
  • Customizable apps
  • Transfer any Salesforce data with the pre-built cloud-to-cloud connector and use the wizard to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly transfers
  • Combine any type of data from anywhere in your business
  • Award-winning cloud business intelligence software
  • See how Salesforce Chatter impacts sales performance over time


Contact for a quote

2. Spotfire


Spotfire offers analytics on premise, at your desk, or on the go, so that users have immediate access to Spotfire’s visualizations and analytics.  Spotfire makes it possible for users of all skill levels to work with analytics because it contains everything from at-a-glance business facts for managers to advanced predictive analytics for statisticians.

Key Features:

  • Dashboard for front-line decision makers
  • Visual discovery for business users
  • Deep data exploration for analysts
  • Advanced predictive analytics for statisticians


  • TIBCO Spotfire Desktop: $1,999 perpetual license – 1 authoring seat, no cloud storage
  • Spotire Cloud Personal: $30/month or $300 annually – 1 authoring seat, 100 GB public cloud storage
  • Spotfire Cloud Work Group: $200/month or $2,000 annually – 1 authoring seat and 5 consumer seats, 250GB public cloud storage
  • Spotfire Cloud Enterprise: a la cart annual subscription – licenses available per customer order, customized private cloud storage
  • TIBCO Spotfire Analytics: a la carte perpetual and term license – licenses available per customer order, on-premises deployment

3. Clari


Clari combines mobile, design, and data science in its sales productivity platform designed to equip sales teams with more knowledge and the ability to sell more while updating less.  Clari achieves its goal for sales reps by gathering critical data source information and organizing it around deals and relationships, and its goal for sales managers and operations by providing real-time views into deal progress.

Key Features:

  • CRM delivered to sales reps’ mobile devices, plus the ability to automatically capture deal progress as they sell
  • Configure dashboard around key team objectives
  • Analytic-driven insights into deal progress and risks
  • Instant access to deal status and milestones
  • Customizable for business, sales, and CRM requirements
  • Build Custom Clari Accelerators to maximize data capture
  • Instantly publish changes to all Clari users in your organizations

Cost:Contact for a quote

4. LiveHive


With LiveHive, you achieve more insight into sales processes by tracking the who, when, and where of your content views plus providing social integrations so your team can determine the hottest leads.  LiveHive gives you the power to see which content works and which doesn’t either through accessing an overview of analytics or the delving deeper into sales activity and customer engagement numbers.

Key Features:

  • LiveHive Insights
  • Social selling
  • Real-Time Activity Stream
  • Cloud Document Integration
  • Mobile App Access
  • organizations


  • Free Forever – free for tracking up to 5 prospects
  • Premium: $19.95/month – single user, unlimited prospects or viewers, unlimited content tracking, email tracking, and Salesforce integration
  • Enterprise: Contract for a quote – Premium features plus flexible number of users

5. GoodData


GoodData’s Platform Architecture provides end-to-end data governance and discovery.  Plus, GoodData Sales Analytics Dashboards make it possible to enhance a great CRM app, like SalesForce’s Sales Cloud, with CRM analytics to generate more relevant sales analytics, cross-object reporting, and historical trending.

Key Features:

  • Executive overview with multiple features, including drill-ins to remaining pipeline for the quarter
  • Pipeline management includes sales velocity and stage duration measures
  • Product and region performance with current quarter and historical performance
  • Sales rep performance management including a detailed look at rep activities

Cost: Free 30-day trial or contact for a quote

6. Lavastorm Analytics


The Lavastorm Analytics Platform is designed to make it easier and faster to access and interpret data to determine business results and needs. By arming businesses with the Lavastorm Analytics Engine, Lavastorm Analytics strives to help them increase their agility and become leaders who are able to “aggregate and analyze data on-demand and respond in minutes or hours, not months or years.”

Key Features:

    • Lavastorm Analytics Engine
      • A powerful, visual, and versatile environment for creating and completing analytic applications
      • Available in a range of desktop and server editions
      • Lavastorm Resolution Center
        • Act on analytic results with this alarming, reporting, and case management environment



      • Free-for-life Lavastorm Desktop Public Edition
      • 30-Day Trial of Lavastorm Desktop Professional Plus
      • Contact for a quote

7. Mindtree


Mindtree’s mSales is a collaborative sales platform by Mindtree to increase sales force effectiveness by merging data across sales, promotions, service, and distribution and to provide a single view of information.  Designed to be used in real time, mSales is an integrated solution that keeps in mind data security yet provides flexibility in functionality.

Key Features:

      • Reporting capabilities provide a complete view of customers
      • Meeting manager module for planning, preparing, and tracking customer interactions
      • Capture the effectiveness of the sales life cycle with sales analytics
      • Document manager module provides contextual views of enterprise data to sales team members


Cost: Contact for a quote

8. MicroStrategy


MicroStrategy enables you to extend and enhance your basic operational reporting in Salesfoce to give you analytics that will improve operational performance and increase revenue.  Better yet, stop limiting yourself to Salesforce Mobile’s simple operational reports; MicroStrategy Mobile also extends your Salesforce data, analytics, reports, and dashboards and puts them with you on the go with intuitive native iOS and Android apps.

Key Features:

      • Powerful visual data exploration interface to create superior data visualizations
      • Combine data from multiple sources
      • Easy-to-use advanced analytics deliver correlation and trend analysis as well as financial analysis and projections
      • Seamless integration and accessibility through MicroStrategy Web or Mobile
      • MicroStrategy Cloud eliminates the need for hardware or software



      • Analytics Desktop: Free – on-premises service type and one user
      • Analytics Express: Free for one year – software-as-a-service, unlimited users
      • Analytics Enterprise: Free Reporting Suite – on premises service type or contact about platform-as-a-service, 10 users, and nearly all of the features of Analytics Express plus free email support for 60 days
      • Analytics Enterprise: 30-Day Free Evaluation Edition – on premises service type or contact about platform-as-a-service, unlimited users, and nearly all of the features of Analytics Express plus free email support

9. Cognos


Constantly tracking sales reps and territories is very taxing for sales executives and managers.  IBM’s sales performance management software helps these organization leaders to align sales strategy with corporate objectives, track and monitor sales team and individual performance,  view sales effectiveness reports and dashboards/KPIs, manage sales territory definitions, assignments, and crediting rules, and more.

Key Features:

      • IBM Cognos Incentive Compensation Management
        • Increase accuracy, reduce costs, an drive sales performance
      • IBM Cognos Territory Management
        • Streamline territory & credit assignment
        • Align sales territories with corporate objectives
      • IBM Cognos Quota Management
        • Drive sales performance by planning, managing, and distributing quotas


Cost: Contact for a quote

10. InsideSales


InsideSales.com sales acceleration platform is the sales industry’s first comprehensive sales acceleration platform to create high-performance sales teams with “breakthrough technology.”  To that end, a self-learning predictive analytics engine – Neuralytics – drives InsideSales.com’s entire sales acceleration platform; Neuralytics “marries big data from your business with macroenvironmental and macroeconomic big data to create predictive algorithms that drive our platform.”

Key Features:

      • Neuralytics automatically recalibrates predictive algorithms with past results and new data
      • Neuralytics uses over 400 data points across five categories to determine customers’ buying signals and inform lead scores
      • Analytics engine provides applied predictive analytics using advanced learning algorithms to analyze data and provide smart recommendations to improve the sales process
      • Predictive Lead Scoring: NeuralScore searches through lists of leads and determines those that are most promising
      • Predictive Lead Sorting: NeuralSort conducts a continual process, recurring every hour, to determine the best times to call prospects


Cost: Contact for a quote

11. Dealmaker


Built on the Salesforce Platform, Dealmaker is an intelligent sales software application that is delivered on-demand.  Dealmaker’s predictive analytics deliver accurate, updated forecasts and provide visibility into your pipeline, and its analysis of sales teams’ actual performance levels identifies when deals will close based on real data.

Key Features:

      • Track and manage Opportunities and Accounts
      • Seamless integration with Salesforce
      • Exceptionally reliable, scalable, secure, enterprise-class solution hosted on the Salesforce.com Cloud
      • Chatter enabled and chats automatically when you make changes to your opportunity plan, sharing it with anyone who follows the opportunity on Chatter
      • All sales team members can “Like” an opportunity plan and share it across the team
      • Designed for a mobile work force and optimized for the iPad, Android tablets, and other mobile devices


Cost: Contact for a quote

12. Tableau


Tableau supports you at every step in using analytics and custom sales dashboards at every step in the sales process, from prospecting and territory analysis to account management and forecasting.  Plus, Tableau helps you to track your sales team’s performance every day with real-time or near-real-time indicators.

Key Features:

      • Connect Tableau to Salesforce in the same interface you use for spreadsheets, databases, cloud data, and Hadoop
      • Create custom sales dashboards quickly with no programming, and access them from any browser or tablet
      • Blend cloud data with sales quotas, demographics, market sizing, and more
      • Use the automatic forecasting as a baseline to estimate progress toward making quota


Cost: Free Trial – Contact for a quote

13. Angoss


The Angoss philosophy is simple: predict, act, perform.  Angoss helps companies to realize its mission by improving sales productivity with actionable insight: Angoss sales analytics solutions apply predictive analytics and data mining to the sales pipeline to determine whom to call and whom not to call.

Key Features:

      • Predictive analytics and real-time scoring to sort through marketing volume
      • Generation and lead management related data
      • Seamless integration with any CRM system
      • Next base action identifies which activities are most predictive of successful outcomes and recommends which action is the next best to take at any given point in the sales cycle


Cost: Contact for a quote

14. InsightSquared


InsightSquared offers “real sales analytics for real business people” through comprehensive pipeline management, objective sales forecasting, painless sales retrospectives, powerful pipeline trends, and more.

Key Features:

      • Use historical win rates to forecast sales
      • Discover leading indicators of success and how your bookings trend over time
      • Pipeline trends including complete history of pipeline flows, conversion rates over time, and indicators of success to correct course
      • Activity monitoring to visualize rep-specific activities versus goals
      • Data-driven sales coaching with an Employee Scorecard
      • Measure marketing’s contribution with a full suite of Campaign and Lead reports
      • Multi-Data Source (MDS) integrations deliver reports unique to InsightSquared


Cost: Free Trial – Contact for a quote

15. Global Vox Populi


Grow sales revenue with Global Vox Populi’s end-to-end solution, which provides best practice sales analytics and more advanced capabilities.  Global Vox Populi helps business leaders uncover everything from systemic issues to the most crucial sales opportunities.

Key Features:

      • Manage sales by gaining insight into causes of bottlenecks, including stage history and aging
      • Compare historical performance across leads and orders and turn more prospects into customers
      • Use predictive models to target high-revenue markets and prospects
      • Sales representatives have access to sales analytics to understand how to track and improve their own performance
      • Pillars assessment examines effectiveness of a sales force in detail
      • Sales productivity, investment, and compensation assessments


Cost: Contact for a quote

16. Cause Analytics


Cause Analytics gives you an edge over your competitors because its Sales Analytics delivers the essential benefits of knowing when and how to anticipate change.  Delivering Sales Analytics to midsized organizations in the retail and professional service sectors, Cause Analytics’ team has handpicked content specifically to help businesses anticipate change.

Key Features:

      • Business Intelligence
      • Mobility
      • Storytelling
      • Benchmarking
      • Text Analytics
      • Data Mining
      • Master Data
      • Market Intelligence


Cost: Pricing is offered for three tiers: bronze, silver, and gold, with add-ons and apps available.  Contact for a quote.

17. C9


The companies in the forefront rely on C9’s predictive sales applications to drive revenue growth, mitigate pipeline risk, and deliver precise forecasts. C9 offers C9 LeadMap, C9 Pipeline, C9 Forecast, and C9 Sales Execution to help those companies achieve their goals.

Key Features:

      • Change Analysis – trace all aspects of the deals as they pass through the pipeline
      • Immediate mobile access via ay mobile device
      • Predictive analysis results embedded throughout the application
      • OppScore gives each opportunity a unique score to focus teams
      • OppCue exposes the top impediments to deal closure plus the actions reps can take to get the deals done


Cost: Pricing is offered for three

18. Synygy


Synygy drives performance by quickly and effectively executing strategy, influencing motivation to drive successful behaviors, enabling people to produce desired results, and delivering meaningful insight to adapt and improve.

Key Features:

      • Helps pinpoint areas for performance improvement
      • Integrates and transforms huge data sets from multiple sources
      • Ensures alignment with the organizational sales strategy


Cost: Contact for a quote

19. BigMachines Reporting (Oracle)


On November 15, 2013, Oracle completed the acquisition of BigMachines.  By combining Oracle’s enterprise-grade cloud solutions, including marketing, sales, social, commerce and service clouds, Oracle and BigMachines will create an end-to-end smarter selling cloud solution to result in sales personnel who are more productive, customers who are more satisfied, and companies who grow revenue more quickly.

Key Features:

      • Analyzes and reports on essential sales and business data from the familiar BigMachines interface and in real time, so your information is always current
      • Generates essential reports – pipeline reports, closed/won reports, quote status reports, and product feature reports
      • View reports online, including auto-generated graphs to help visualize the data
      • Reports are downloadable to Excel for easy viewing and integration with other reports
      • View detailed data analysis


Cost: Contact for a quote

20. Setvi


The SETVI Platform creates a more efficient sales process, enabling companies to close more deals and increase sales revenue.  With SETVI analytics, track sales activities to make sure your materials and sales team members are working at optimal levels.

Key Features:

      • Robust analytics on the usage and performance of individual sales reps, marketing collateral, and share presentations
      • Track engagement level
      • Forecast sales results more accurately


Cost: Contact for a quote

21. PROS


PROS big data analytics software will help your reps focus on opportunities what will close, products that will sell, and prices that will win. With PROS Scientific Analytics for Sales, you will be able to take advantage of using market-leading data science to increase sales growth by revealing hidden opportunities, increasing discount discipline, and driving consistency across your organization.

Key Features:

      • Segments customers at a highly granular level
      • Shows reps what actions are going to drive sales growth, from driving more profitable product mixes to identifying customer attrition before it occurs
      • Interactive dashboards and reports
      • Access reports and recommendations in seconds with easy-to-use, smart analyses
      • Share valuable analytics insights quickly and easily to encourage collaborative decision making
      • Get personalized outputs gbased on your business PIs without the need for analytics expertise (guided analytics)


Cost: Contact for a quote

22. Putler

Putler is a unique sales analysis and reporting software. It aggregates transactions from different payment gateways and shopping carts and then processes the data to show useful statistics, charts, and details. Putler also can issue refunds, manage subscriptions, and work at fast speeds even while offline.

Key Features:

      • Has ready integration with most popular payment gateways
      • Open source connectors for popular WordPress eCommerce plugins
      • Easily connect any system to Putler using its simple Inpbound API


Cost: Free Basic Plan for 7 Days – Sales and Transactions Dashboards only, single account, cannot issue refunds

      • Plus: $9/month or $90/year – single account, limit of up to 300 transactions per month, instant search and refunds, sales dashboard
      • Premium: $19/month or $190/year – up to two accounts, up to 1000 transactions per month, all Plus Features plus products, customers, and comparison dashboards
      • Max: $29/month or $290/year – unlimited accounts, unlimited transactions per month, all Premium Features plus Putler Virtual Terminal App

23. KPI Partners


KPI Partners provides strategic guidance and technology systems for clients who wish to solve their most complex business challenges involving cloud applications and big data.  KPI offers a pre-built solution for seamless integration between Salesforce.com and the Oracle BI Applications. Users can “leverage the investment of Salesforce.com by analyzing the Opportunities, Sales Pipeline, Contacts, and Account information stored in Salesforce with the enhanced ad-hoc reporting capabilities of Oracle BI Sales Analytics.”

Key Features:

      • Analyze opportunity-t-cash process flows between Salesforce.com and your ERP systems
      • Analyze sales processes from a single analytics application
      • Access information about the current pipeline, determine win/loss by competitor, average time to accept lead, and more


Cost: Contact for a quote

24. VisualBI

VisualBI specializes in Business Intelligence and Analytics and aims to help you achieve clear insights into your business so you can translate them into action.  VisualBI offers a holistic packaged analytics solution for sales that helps business leaders receive actionable insights in real time through KPI visualizations.

Key Features:

      • Deploys end-to-end sales performance analytics in a matter of days by leveraging predefined views mapped to specific Infocubes and BEx Queries
      • KPIs compared by actual, budget, and same period last year values
      • Summary Trend Analysis offers YTD, QTD, or MTD information on metrics
      • Daily Trend Analysis offers daily perspectives on quantity sold and revenue earned
      • Time Period view to analyze Actual vs. Budgeted Revenue and Sales for a specific time period


Cost: Contact for a quote

25. Lenati


Lenati has experience and expertise creating results-driven sales and channel partner program measurement systems that align with your company’s business goals. Lenati helps companies yield more value from their data by integrating it into a single, unified view of results and providing real-time performance across key indicators.

Key Features:

      • Performance dashboards
      • Account metrics – segmentation, service levels
      • Competitive benchmarking
      • Pricing and inventory optimization
      • Sales pipeline analysis
      • Win/loss analysis


Cost: Contact for a quote

26. SAP


With SAP’s applied analytics solutions for sales, you can monitor, manage, and grow your sales pipeline.  SAP’s applied analytics solutions for sales include SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Solution (Analytics in SAP CRM), SAP Sales Pipeline Analysis, and SAP Lumira (Enterprise Self-Service BI).

Key Features:

      • Better allocate marketing funds with targeted campaigns and activities
      • Understand the drivers behind improved customer service
      • Real-time, in-depth visibility and analysis
      • React quickly to changing sales conditions
      • Improve collaboration between sales and marketing to enhance decision making
      • Identify your most profitable customers, and a better understanding and measurement of their value


Cost: Contact for a quote

27. Mospry


Mospry Inc is an enterprise class company that builds Mobile Business Apps for retailers.  Mospry Apps use analytics combined with existing customers’ Big Data sources to provide Insight-as-Service to help retailers plan, simulate, analyze, and predict business to improve profitability.

Key Features:

      • Comparative View of BUP with TD & OTB at different levels of merchandise hierarchy
      • PMS Trend last 6M, Target stock last 6M, PMS Vs Actual
      • Variation of TD & BUP for all BMCs & PMS/Target Stock generated for BMCs
      • Analytics: Vendor Contribution (Qty & Val), Price point, Price range, PMS Trend, Sales Vs. Inventory and Fill rate
      • Available for iPhone and iPad


Cost: Contact for a quote

28. Alteryx


Alteryx analytic solutions connect business analysts and decision makers to data, regardless of size, format, or physical location.  Alteryx’s analytic solutions involve Big Data, R-based Big Data, Customer, Customer Churn, Hadoop, and Spatial Analytics.

Key Features:

      • Put the value of Big Data in the hands of all analysts and decision makers
      • Sophisticated but accessible predictive and spatial tools, combined in a simple, workflow design environment
      • Single click sharing of analytic applications that can be used by any decision maker
      • Alteryx Designer is specifically designed to meet the needs of analysts who create visualizations that require data from multiple sources and types, granular spatial data and analysis, or predictive analytics
      • A unique approach to accessing and analyzing Big Data by utilizing a Hive connector, allowing data analysts to query Hadoop data using either SQL or HQL and then integrating that data with any other data source


Cost: Contact for a quote

29. Zoho


Zoho CRM now offers Advanced CRM Analytics, powered by Zoho Reports, which is fully featured, seamlessly integrated, advanced analytics.  Advanced CRM Analytics is available in all the paid editions of Zoho CRM, and you need the Standard Plan or above in Zoho Reports.

Key Features:

      • Seamless integration – Zoho CRM data is automatically synced to Zoho Reports; access a full-fledged BI tool seamlessly from within your Zoho CRM Account
      • Ready made Reports & Dashboards
      • Variety of Reporting Components
      • Collaborative Analysis
      • Visual Analysis
      • Email, Export & Print Reports
      • Embed Reports anywhere
      • Easily set up Sales Target (Quota) Reports and see how a sales person’s set sales target compares to the sales actually achieved


Cost: Sign up 3 users FREE – Contact for a Quote

30. datapine


Datapine’s mission is to revolutionize the way of performing database analysis by making even complex functionalities available to nontechnical people; so, they developed a highly scalable SaaS tool that does just that.  As a result, datapine helps their customers make better business decisions faster.

Key Features:

      • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface, so anyone in the company can use the data visualization software
      • A range of algorithms automatically run in the background, giving the interface of datapine’s data analysis tool a high level of intelligence
      • An easy to use cloud BI tool that helps businesses create individual database queries for their required tables, charts, and graphs
      • Easily share results of data analysis via a custom data dashboard and automated reports
      • Connect securely to your own databases or clone the data to a high-speed data warehouse to snapshot large queries into temporary tables, making the output much faster for end-users
      • Manage your datapine account via a desktop browser or a mobile device


Cost: 14-day FREE trial or contact for a quote

31. System Dynamics Corporation (SDC)


System Dynamics offers DYNAMIC 3i, an Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Resource Planning application that is web based.  This single software solution manages sales, inventory, supply chain management, manufacturing, distribution, accounting, and more.  In addition to DYNAMIC 3i, System Dynamics also offers the DYNAMIC 3i Sales Analysis Module, a marketing tool for summarizing up to 24 months of accumulated sales history, discovering trends, planning, and forecasting.

Key Features:

      • All information from Sales Analysis is available online or in printed form
      • Organize DYNAMIC 3i’s highly-detailed reports in several ways, to make sales analysis and comparisons easy
      • Access transactions generated in Order Processing, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory Control right from the Sales Analysis module
      • Product profitability analysis


Cost: DYNAMIC 3i Enterprise Resource Management Free Edition for 2 named users and 15 core modules.  Otherwise, contact for a quote.

32. SiSense


SiSense boasts unique technology that allows them to provide a complete analytics solution in one product that’s made for business users, not “techies.” SiSense provides a centralized database on standard hardware and serves more queries, more users, and ore data than any other BI tool on the market.

Key Features:

      • Easily join multiple data sources and skip the data preparation nightmare­­
      • Drag & Drop joining of multiple data sources: use built-in connectors to join multiple data sources and formats
      • Built-in integration with Cloud applications like Zendesk and Salesforce
      • Create a single version of truth with perfect data
      • Build interactive dashboards with no tech skills
      • Dynamic visuals and interactive reporting that allow you to change a query simply by clicking a section of the graph or chart
      • Share interactive dashboards


Cost: Free trial or contact for a quote

33. BIME


BIME is a modern SaaS Business Intelligence solution that allows businesses to turn the web into a seamlessly connected data warehouse, regardless of data size. BIME focuses on delivering a simple-to-use BI product based on the latest data visualization and ground-breaking cloud computing innovations.

Key Features:

      • Advanced visualizations
      • Pragmatic big data
      • High-interactivity dashboards
      • Social connectors
      • Advanced cross-platform and cross-rendering charting framework
      • QueryBlender allows you to mix data very simply and display results on the same chart


Cost: 14-Day unlimited free trial

      • Enterprise: $180/month starting price – Standard interactivity and customization with standard data sources
      • Premium: $360/month starting price – Advanced interactivity and customization with premium data sources
      • Big Data: $720/month starting price – Advanced interactivity and customization with big data sources
      • Contact for starter package, analytics bureau, discount, and databases pricing

34. Looker


Looker is paving the way to a new kind of BI that gives anyone in an organization the ability to interact with live data. Because Looker wants data to be accessible for anyone in a company, they are providing data discovery, exploration, and business intelligence all, on any modern device.

Key Features:

      • Connects live to your analytics data store so you can leave your data where it resides
      • Accesses live, real-time data on any SQL analytics database or data warehouse
      • Platform tools allow you to create and manage multiple connections from a single interface
      • Platform can be distributed on Looker’s infrastructure or yours, so implementation is fast and requires very few resources
      • A custom experience for any organization
      • Live chat with a dedicated support analyst
      • Looker has built its own data modeling language called LookML that’s easy to use and understand, completely reusable, and makes your organization more powerful with SQL


Cost: FREE trial or contact for a quote

35. Datanyze


Datanyze constantly crawls millions of the highest-ranking websites to determine which web technologies are being used.  Datanyze searches for web technology signatures and then serves that data to their customers in a number of useful ways, including alerts and targeting.

Key Features:

      • Lead Generation – Datanyze Alerts can show you who added or dropped any of their tracked web technologies on a given day
      • Customer Retention – Get notifications every time something important happens to your current customers
      • Up-to-Date Information – Datanyze considers accuracy one of their top priorities, so they crawl each website at least once a day to ensure accurate data
      • Salesforce Integration – Sales reps will always know which technologies their leads and accounts are using and what happened to them in the past
        • Tiers of integration are available – contact for more information



      • Individual: $250/month – essential tools to get started, 1 user
      • Startup: $500/month – fundamental tools for small teams, unlimited users, all Individual plan features plus alerts, people search, targeting, full CSV support, and import
      • Enterprise: $1200/month – advanced tools for large companies, unlimited users, all Startup plan features plus Standard Salesforce Integration, countdown, cross-technology analysis, customer migration, API, and custom training­
      • Save 20% on any plan by paying annually

36. Adaptive Planning (Elegant Cloud Solutions)

Elegant Cloud Solutions is a licensed partner of Adaptive Planning, and their vision is to implement solutions to provide businesses with better data for better decision making.  A worldwide leader in cloud-based CPM solutions for companies and nonprofits of all sizes, Adaptive Planning’s SaaS platform allows finance and management teams to work together to plan, monitor, report on, and analyze financial and operational performance.

Key Features of Adaptive Integration

      • Quickly and easily import data from GL, ERP, CRM, HR systems and data warehouses, on premises or in the cloud
      • Automate scheduled data imports
      • Select an integration option based on the frequency of your data refresh needs
      • Embedded in Salesforc as a tab
      • Embedded NetSuite Integration application
      • Import data via Excel files and export to CSV or Excel



Contact for a quote

37. Silvon (Stratum)

Stratum is an end-to-end BI software solution that does it all, from collecting and organizing data from multiple sources to presenting insightful analytics that help drive a more intelligent enterprise.  Stratum extracts and houses information from your ERP and other transactional systems and from external sources like retail POS and IRI/Nielsen.

Key Features:

      • Everyone in the company works from the same information as they analyze performance
      • Get an immediate ROI with packaged analytics that provide unparalleled insight and visibility to supply chain performance
      • Integrated set of BI analytic applications and reports are easily customized to fit your business analysis and reporting requirements across sales, finance, inventory, purchasing, and more
      • A number of flexible information delivery options
      • Built-in metrics make it easy to compare and rank KPIs
      • Model and predict sales forecasts, pricing, and optimized inventory levels with the insights provided by Stratum


Cost: Contact for a quote

38. JustEnough


JustEnough for Microsoft Dynamics makes it faster and easier to solve today’s complex retail and wholesale problems than ever before.  JustEnough fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.

Key Features:

      • Prioritze workflow and reduce navigational noise using the drag-and-drop and drill-down capabilities
      • Sales Forecasting is a simple tool to help sales reps quickly manage their revenue projections
      • Excel-based interface promotes quick user adoption
      • Analyze sales trends at the sales rep, customer, and/or product level
      • Graphs help identify trends, seasonality, and differences between forecasts
      • Color-coded dashboard alerts emphasize unexpected results


Cost: Contact for a quote

39. PipelineManager

PipelineManager exists to make Salesforce more accessible and usable for everyone on a sales team, from CEOs and CFOs to sales people.  The “skin that rides on top of Salesforce,” Pipeline Manager repackages the most popular CRM from a database role to a know-it-all app that helps companies organize, strategize, learn, share, coach, close, and grow.

Key Features:

      • Multiple functions and displays from several angles
      • Viewed as graphs, spreadsheets, or stories
      • CRM-native spreadsheets
      • Instant insight for everyone on the team
      • Multi-server stable, Salesforce-secure, cloud-accessible
      • Determine the health of the business in one glance
      • Begins with familiar spreadsheets so everyone is comfortable using it


Cost: Contact for a quote

40. EasyInsight


Easy Insight bolts onto your existing SaaS products to provide you with full BI capabilities.  Easy Insight provides a rich library of prebuilt reports and dashboards for each connection.  The drop-and-drag interface makes Easy Insight simple enough for just about anyone in the company to use.

Key Features:

      • Provides multiple options for securely pulling data from MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server databases, and more
      • Import CSV or Excel data directly into Easy Insight
      • Define joins across your various sources and build an integrated view of your business
      • Easily modified, pre-built reports
      • Report editor allows you to have custom reports almost immediately
      • Provides a wide variety of options for sharing information


Cost: 30 Day Free Trial on All Accounts

      • Team Package
        • $50/month Base Price – one Designer user, unlimited users for viewing reports, two connections to small business SaaS systems, and 50 MB of custom data storage
        • $15/month – Additional Designer license
        • $15/month – Additional Connection
      • Enterprise Package – Contact for a quote

41. Membrain


Membrain’s focus is on the sales process and qualifying your prospects, and they strive to provide a solution designed for sales teams instead of marketing or management.  Thus, Membrain’s solution includes sales coaching, visual and easy-to-use tools to gain a better understanding of why deals close or die, and another way of entering and analyzing data.

Key Features:

      • Active pipeline management for complex B2B sales
      • Drag and drop to create and refine your sales process
      • Provides a clear overview of opportunities and ensures pipeline momentum
      • Provides context-related content and information
      • Helps focus on prospects that are most likely to close
      • Identifies poor leads early in the sales process
      • Provides the tools and insight needed to promote sales coaching
      • Minimizes data entry and administration
      • Automated forecasts and analytics


Cost: Contact for a quote

42. atQuota

atQUota was built by sales people for sales people to help manage deals and forecast pipelines.  atQUota seeks to help you optimize your sales pipeline, predict revenue, connect with your team, and reach your goal every time.

Key Features:

      • atQuota’s Deal Dashboard helps you manage your sales funnel from start to finish
      • at Quota’s Pipeline Visualization is designed to track a waterfall of your sales pipeline – project your monthly revenues and track your performance as a monthly or weekly basis with the visualized pipeline
      • Connect your sales pipeline to anyone on your team and speed up your sales cycle
      • atQuota’s Goal Calculator helps you construct your own path to your quota



      • Entrepreneur: FREE – unlimited deals, unlimited team members, Salesforce integration
      • Sales Pro: FREE – unlimited deals, unlimited team members, Salesforce integration
      • HubSpot Integrated: $10/month/user – contacts sync with marketing, lead history tracking, turn website activity into deals

43. MSD Sales


MSD Soft builds organizer software and business software for all Windows versions that is designed to make daily activities more productive.  MSD Sales helps you analyze your sales from many different points of view and will improve your sales reports because you are able to analyze the sales information in several ways.

Key Features:

      • Advanced data manager allows you to sort, group or filter the information by any field or combination of fields and provides a nearly unlimited number of different reports, which can be saved in PDF format
      • Configure sales reports by dragging the sales database fields to any of the three available data areas in the decision cube
      • Configure analysis charts
      • Print the sales tables, sales decision cube, and sales charts
      • Stand-alone tools such as a word processor, spreadsheet, and image viewer


Cost: Free trial or contact for a quote

44. MM4XL

MM4XL provides professional business analysis tools for strategic marketing management.  Marketing examples, detailed explanations of management theories, and a comprehensive suite of strategic management software tools comprise MM4XL software and are all in a single Excel add-in.

Key Features of the MM4XL Sales Analysis tools:

      • Variation Analyst for Business Performance Result Evaluation
      • Gravity Analyst for Sales Area Segmentation
      • Benchmark Map to Compare Product to Market Performance
      • Descriptive Analyst: 3 Sales Analysis Tools in 1
      • Business Formulas for Excel Improve Business Analysis and Marketing Models
      • Segmentation Tree Makes Tree Diagrams for Marketing
      • Forecast Manager for Optimized Short-Term Forecast
      • Profile Manager Software to Model Market Development
      • Smart Mapping Makes Bubble Chart with Labels


Cost: Free 7 Day Trial or purchase All MM4XL tools for 238 Euro (approximately $323 US Dollars)

45. ExcelIdea

ExcelIdea.com’s Sales Analysis and Forecast spreadsheet is a complete and ready-to-use tool for tracking, analyzing, and forecasting your company’s sales.  The tools allows flexibility to keep monthly data in units and in dollars for up to 12 products in 12 locations for 5 years.  Keep a log of sales data (what was sold, when, and how much) in the Input section or copy and paste it from an existing data record, and the tool automatically picks up the data and populates various analyses and updates colorful graphs.

Key Features:
Data organized into four worksheets:

      • Actual Analysis Worksheet
        • snapshot of actual performance

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