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Descriptive Essay About A Night Club

Crouched away in the heart of a Bahamian oasis stands a club like no other, where anybody who is anybody goes – Aura Nightclub. Two bars span the length of the room, facing each other; countertops made of black granite and tempered glass, shiny and spotlessly clean. They are framed by illuminated shelves made of glass, sustaining millions of bottles of alcohol. However, this is barely visible though the throngs of people dying to quench their thirst, from the dry, salty island air. In the back wall between the two bars is the VIP area which is even more luxurious, if at all possible, than the rest of the club. Lush leather chairs in sets of four surround an odd shaped glass table; beside each stands a beautiful waitress wearing a stunning black dress, awaiting a command. The flashing lights radiate in every possible colour thrashing in all directions hitting the multiple mirrors surrounding the room. This might scare the superstitious - but to a young person in their peak of life, it only adds to the atmosphere.   The odours of expensive perfumes blend in with the smell of alcohol and sweat, creating a stimulating aroma that lingers in the air. The sights of the fit bodies straight from Hollywood, in couture and runway fashion, dazzle the eyes as they look from right to left. In the centre of all the action, stands a black platform on which three beautiful go-go dancers capture the attention of everyone in the room. They make the energy soar throughout, even into the washrooms where the music is still blasting. The disc-jockey table, which is responsible for all the noise, stands adjacent to the go-go dancers platform; sleek, black and white, full of electrical wires, and yet posh enough to flow with the room. Nevertheless, none of this mattes because the heart of the club is the dance floor, full of energy, people, sweat, tears, and glam – it’s where you want to be.

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The Dance Club Essay

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Young adults sometimes have a struggle to find something exciting and safe to do on the weekend. It’s hard to find fun things that are not too dangerous. In the past, finding excitement has been a challenge for me, also, but in recent years I personally have found excitement in dance clubs and dance music. I find dance clubs, with large crowds of young people, usually eighteen years and older can be a place to let loose of the weekday pressures and just have fun. With the large crowds, clubs usually sell out and long lines form outside, with people waiting to get into the “crazy environment of the club.” Clubs usually are very well prepared for this scenario, of handling large crowds, by having an increased amount of security and…show more content…

Everyone is so excited to get inside. Some people dance around outside like little toy robots, to the beat of the fast music. As the line continues to grow outside, you find excitement through the massive doors that everyone is waiting to walk through. Two steps inside and you’re in a magical world of disco lights, laser beams, and the irreplaceable glow of black lights shinning on people. Everyone is smiling and having such a good time. You don’t even realize you’re packed in the club like sardines. The D J moves you in ways no one has ever done before. Mixing the loud music on the turn tables to the beat you desire to hear, the D J watches the half naked bodies of young men and women dancing around as if something has possessed their bodies. Men are wearing an under shirt, or no shirt at all, and pants. They eye the women who strut around in tank tops and tight dance pants or skirts, and who are smiling, and letting all their worries go away. The line at the bar is extremely frantic, with people getting water or their favorite alcoholic beverage. This is so important because perspiration is a major factor, and nobody wants to pass out from dehydration. As the big warehouse size fans blow as hard as they can, to cool down the sweaty bodies, you smell the musk of the guys and the sweet smell of perfume from the ladies as the

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