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Descriptive Essay About Watching A Basketball Game

Descriptive Essay on Basketball Gym

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The gym where I practice to win, the YMCA, is a place where I know who I am. It is a place I can go to escape my problems for awhile and release some stress. It is not the actual physical building, but rather the events that have occurred over the years. It is where I have formed some of the closest friendships. It is the place I have invested years of hard work for many of my accomplishments. To some it may seem odd that a place associated with sweat and physical pain can mean so much to one person. However, in my eyes it is almost like a second home. A certain familiarity has developed over time that makes it home. As I sit here, I can vividly picture myself there. I drive my car into the pot-hole filled parking lot off the…show more content…

The echo bounces around the walls until the sound finally fades away. I sit down on the cool hardwood floor. As I lace up my basketball shoes, I notice the details of the floor. Small stones and dirt have been driven into the wood panels. Scuff marks were left from shoes in black, red, and white. A few dents and engravings are displayed proudly, like an old soldier showing off his battle scars. The paint on the floor is fading, its shiny luster long gone. Details like these are not noticeable during a practice or gym class. These small details have slowly emerged after many summer mornings and Sunday afternoons of dedicated practice. Once I am wearing the ideal basketball attire, I stand up and inhale the stale, musty air. The air does not feel, taste, or smell clean and fresh. It is warm and damp as if it were someone’s breath. The signature smell of sweat, sneakers, and hard work combined to make the scent.
I break the stillness of the gym as I begin to pound the ball into the hardwood floor knowing that it will not go any where except back to my hand. When it does, I hear the impact of the basketball meeting my fingertips, and feel the smooth, bumpy surface of the basketball sending a shock from my fingertips to my hand. Each bounce of the ball makes a sound heard distinctively in the silent stillness. I then begin to dribble the ball to the end of the court. I quickly moved toward the far

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Free Creative Writing Prompts #73: Basketball

Writing these free creative writing prompts about basketball may be a tall order. As a short man, basketball was never my strong suit. I loved playing it in summer camp and from time to time I'd even get a basket due to my hustle. My connection to basketball is the same connection that most people nowadays have: watching the National Basketball Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association on television. I went to a big basketball school, which means that every March, practically the only thing on in my apartment is the joy of March Madness. Whether you're supporting your alma mater or taking your kid to a pick-up game, basketball is an interesting and enjoyable past time. 

Free Creative Writing Prompts #73: Basketball

1. You wake up one day to find that you barely fit into your own bed. As you shake the cobwebs loose and glance into the mirror, you've grown to over seven feet tall. It doesn't take long for a local coach to recruit you for a game, during which you dunk with ease. How does your newfound height and basketball prowess affect your life and why?

2. While some love the high-flying antics of the massive professional players of the NBA, others are much more intrigued by the rivalries and passionate fan bases of the NCAA. Which league would you rather watch if you were given a chance? Which would you be more likely to attend and why?

3. You are a die hard basketball fan. You've just met your soul mate, who is also a die hard basketball fan. Here's the problem: you love the opposite teams in a bitter rivalry going back for decades. How does this opposition affect your relationship? How do you handle watching games between your two teams?

4. One of the things that sets basketball apart from other fans is how raucous the crowd can be in a much smaller indoor stadium than football or baseball. Describe the wildest game you've ever attended or seen on television and put yourself in the middle of the action. Did you or did you not enjoy the experience and why?

5. This year, one of the biggest stories in professional basketball is that they might not play professional basketball due to a labor disagreement. If you sat down with one of the major representatives of the player's union, what would you say to them about the game of basketball ? What would his or her response be?

6. If you could be a professional basketball star, what position would you play and why? Would you be more of a no-look passing point guard or a take it to the hole power forward? Would you be the high-flying dunker or the ridiculously tall rebounder? Explain your choice, why you chose it and describe a typical game for yourself.

7. In the list of most exhilarating moments in all of basketball, an expertly choreographed dunk has to be near the top. Last year, Blake Griffin jumped over a car. If you were a dunking champion, what would you do to top such a momentous feat? How would fans react?

8. You and your team are in the huddle and the coach has drawn up the final play. There are only five seconds remaining, the team is down by two and the final three-point shot is going to go to you! Describe the play from beginning to end and how successful your final shot is. What is the aftermath of this attempt at buzzer-beating heroism?

9. Down on your luck, you finally take up the offer that a friend of yours with the local basketball team has been making to you for years. You suit up and you wonder, will you truly be able to live down your job wiping down the sweat on the basketball court? Describe the highlights from your first few games and whether or not you enjoy being so close to the action.

10. Which do you find more impressive: the tricks and skills displayed by a touring team like the Harlem Globetrotters or the strength and physical abilities displayed by a professional team on a day-to-day basis? Which team would you rather be a part of? 

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