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Optimism Definition Paragraph Essay

Realistic And Optimism

To be realistic takes a lot to build in one’s life. Though many choose optimism rather than being realistic and that means a character expecting to see the best in all things. But realistic supersede optimism. But then again is it really easy to see one who is realistic and optimistic at the same time? That can be possible, but Tali Sharot in her book, Major Delusion, reminds us not to get carried away with optimism but to be realistic. That means in whatever we do and believe in we should be honest.

A life of honesty brings hopefulness and expectation to get the best in all our endeavours. Experience in life has taught me that opportunities can come to you when you build within yourself a realistic attitude towards people. You may not really rely on hopefulness and that is being optimistic but being realistic you will surely meet your prospects and beyond what you expect. Remember that optimism alone cannot take you to your desired destination to be successful. Everyone seems to be optimistic in life but your desired goal is all about hard work. Now imagine if you consider being realistic, you have already achieved a mile to your destination. Realistic with little hard work has already taken you to where you want to be or where you have expected to be or get in life. It may surprise you that realistic in one’s behaviour may not really need an addition of hard work for achieving success. Why? Because life account will tell you that people find favour when they are real. To be precise, one who is realistic attracts goodwill even when he or she did not work for it. One of the greatest but a silent weapon to fight for accomplishment is being realistic and convincing. With that alone doors can open for ones attainment in life.

Nevertheless optimism cannot be completely overlooked because an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. According to Elizabeth Scott author of Benefits of Optimism, Optimists are known to be persistent and because of that they are more likely to achieve success. Therefore one can notice that the greatest and well respected men in the world are those who have built their personality being realistic and optimistic. The life of Nelson Mandela is a model of realistic and optimism.

Essay on Optimism:

Optimism is a mental attitude or world view that interprets situations and events as being best (optimized), meaning that in some way for factors that may not be fully comprehended, the present moment is in an optimum state. Optimism is not just a mental attitude towards the world around but a type of character which can not be changed. An optimistic person will be optimistic nearly in every difficult situation trying to find something positive in it. Without optimism the world would never be so colorful and different. There would be no inventions, masterpieces of art, architecture, if the scholars and artists did not possess optimistic vision of the world and did not believe in themselves.

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Optimism helps people cope with difficulties of life, lie problems with job, family, friends, love, even health. The opposite vision is a pessimistic one. Pessimists believe that everything changes for the worse and always see negative side in any event, action and person. Evidently, if there were only pessimists, the world would stay grey motionless.

Optimism is an urgent topic today, because this quality disappears rapidly from the human society. People are always hurrying, claim that everything is bad and the world is changing and moving in the wrong direction, the direction of the global catastrophe. No wonder, economical crisis, poor ecological situation of the world, pollution, deforestation, wars and diseases affect negatively the human psychics and world view. Psychologists try to help people develop the feeling of optimism in themselves, otherwise their life will lose its sense. Students in high schools, colleges and universities are asked to prepare good essays on optimism in order to analyze the nature of this levaquin canada mental attitude and the factors, which can help people feel optimistic. A successful essay should contain the description of the term, illustrate its qualities and provide the readers with effective techniques of the development of optimism in everybody.

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